Orikomi Tropical

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Orikomi Tropical is a very special ceiling lamp with the pattern print of a watercolor inspired by tropical leaves, the colors of the rainforest and wallpaper of the famous Beverly Hills Hotel in Martinique. Fresh and simple, this is a unique product for your fancy living room.

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  • Geen Kabel
  • Witte kabel
  • Sand Cable
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Merk: Orikomi

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The Orikomi Tropical ceiling lamp is one of the latest additions for the larger Orikomi family of quality and affordable furniture. This lamp, made from high quality recycled paper, comes in only one color combination, but you can certainly find a perfect place for this white and green source of light.


Lamp is both effective and energy friendly and you can use 40W LED bulbs to create natural lights with this product of 30 cm height and 30 cm diameter. Product comes with instructions and ethical instruction, because a part of every sale goes to help Adobe for Women nonprofit organization that empowers women in Mexico to build their own home and make a viable living.


With the Orikomi Tropical, you will get trendy lighting to find the summery atmosphere at home. This fine product will illuminate your interiors with the approach of the holidays’ season and remind you of the best summer spent with the ones you love the most.

Technische Informatie
Materiaal High Quality Art Paper, Cardboard
Afmetingen 11.81"/ 30cm height
Kabellengte 1m
Merk Orikomi
Gemaakt in Portugal
Core Set with 1 meter long
Pattern Print of a watercolour banana leaves drawing, designed by blaanc

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