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The name alone says it all: The Lovers. Just like in a real romantic human relationship, The Lovers are two parts that beat (or should as I say, light?) as one. These lamps are ultimately two superseding glass parts: a simple white conic closed core enveloped by a colored calix shell with a circular opening downwards.

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Merk: Per/Use

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The interaction of the two layers creates a very calming and ethereal atmosphere desired in any room. The concept is truly unique and deserves recognition. The Lovers’ design is modern and simple, but also neutral enough for different interiors.

More interestingly, The Lovers is available in different colors. The outer shell is available in Ultramarine Blue, Red, Amber Yellow, Smoke Grey or Transparent Clear Glass. The inner glass core only comes in the color white. With this great variety of colors, one will instantly find the one that fits his or her style.

The materials of The Lovers are top notch quality. The glass is handmade and artisanal mouth-blown in traditional glass workshops in Central Europe. While the complex aluminium connection system and electrical parts are professionally put together in Belgium. The Lovers is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also surpasses expectations in terms of quality and standard of materials.

The Lovers is just one of the lamps belonging in the amazing and unique modern collection of PER/USE, a Belgian company that brings high quality lighting to our homes and buildings. The design was made out of Frederik Delbart’s passionate labor and creative thinking.

Technische Informatie
Materiaal The glass of the LOVERS is handmade and artisanal mouth-blown in traditional glass workshops in Central Europe. The unique aluminium connection system and electrical parts are further assembled in Belgium.
Afmetingen Small : ⌀: 24cm x H: 25cm, W: 4kg Large : ⌀: 38.5cm x H: 40cm, W: 9kg
Kleur Blue, Yellow, Red, Smoke, Grey, Clear
Ontwerper Frederik Delbart
Merk Per/Use
Gemaakt in België
Lamp inbegrepen Nee
Fitting type lamp E 14, E 27
Max. Watt 100W
Voltage 110-230V A
Datum van ontwerp 2014

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