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A perfect combination of the geometry, handcrafted detail and material innovation, the Slamp Clizia Suspension is a pendant lamp made from semi-translucent chips of Opalflex. Available in two sizes, medium and large, the lamp also comes in a range of five rich colours (Black, Blue, Orange, Purple and White).

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The Slamp Clizia Suspensionis presented in a triumphant way, bringing a touch of glamour and luxury in every space. Whether you need a suspension or wall-mounted lamp, you can use this item to energise your living room, or in the larger commercial settings with a unique texture.

Made of Opalflex, a new and revolutionary polycarbonate material, with the patented magnetic system of construction, Clizia Suspension will emphasize the beauty of your interior design with the style and distinction. Thanks to the Opalflex, this is a luminous and attractive like glass product, and at the same time versatile and resistant like plastic. The lamp is suspended from a round canopy by three wires and also features made up of numerous individual squares sewn together in a clustered form to create a unique and distinctive texture.

A part of the larger Clizia series, this lamp brings the story of the mythological nymph who becomes Elitropio, repudiated by the Sun. When illuminated, Clizia Suspension creates a true collection of evocative and versatile luminous shapes with a real geometric precision and vivid imagination. The products consist of manually assembled interlocked squares that provide diffused, ambient lighting.

The Slamp Clizia Suspension is also environment-friendly solution and you can use it with the energy saving bulbs. With its various colours and adaptable sizes, this is a product that will suit any room of your house or the office. Choose a variant according to your own requirement to create a romantic, pacifying ambience by infusing this chaotically designed suspension lamp.

About Slamp:

Roberto Ziliani created Slamp in 1992 with the aim of offering an accessible and cool design product. He wanted to create something new in Italian design. Slamp uses new generation materials to provide modern and trendy lighting.

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Technische Informatie
Materiaal Opalflex
Afmetingen Small: Ø: 53cm - H: 25cm Large: Ø: 78cm - H: 28cm
Kabellengte 1.4m
Ontwerper Adriano Rachele
Merk Slamp
Gemaakt in Italië
Fitting type lamp E27
Voltage 220V

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