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Een van de oudste opvattingen met betrekking tot de maan is geassocieerd met een nieuw begin, het starten van een baan en het ontmoeten van nieuwe vrienden. Doe het allemaal onder de Verpan Maan hanglamp en breng een nieuwe kwaliteit in uw smaakvol ontworpen interieur.

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  • Ø 34cm
  • Ø 44.5cm
  • Ø 150cm
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Whether your intention is to gather your friends and family around this beautiful lamp, or to impress business partners and present your projects into a new light, the Verpan Moon will surely match all your needs and desires.

In respect to the Sun which is a symbol of the essence and stability, the moon is forever changing and turbulent and represents our emotional reactions, sensuality, instincts and subconscious. This lamp is also playing with your feelings, in its own and interesting manner.

Designed in early 1960s by one of the most influential Danish designers, Verner Panton, the Moon lamp is available in a several colour and size variations. The incredible architect that stands behind this product traveled around the world in his VW van, and transferred his impressions into high quality and multipurpose pieces of furniture.

The Verpan Moon suspension lamp comes in two smaller, White Moon and Copper Moon variations, both with the diameter of 34 cm. For larger spaces, you can use the larger version with the diameter of 45 cm, available only in the white colour.

The designer also tried to give unique appearance to even the largest rooms or offices, so you can get the White Moon version with the diameter of 150 cm.

About Verpan

Verpan owes its creations to Verner Panton, a Danish designer. Denmark, which is a world reference in terms of functional, modern and unique design. In 2003, Verpan launched the production of lighting fixtures and in 2010 a range of furniture. Verpan products are among the best creations of Verner Panton. Products that create life, sound, movement, colour and light. A design that brings value to the visual world around us.

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Technische Informatie
AfmetingenØ34 cm, Ø44.5 cm, Ø150 cm
KleurWhite - Copper
Kabellengte250 cm
Kabel kleurBlack - White
OntwerperVerner Panton
Gemaakt inDenemarken
Lichtbron220V (110V) E27 (E26) max. 60W - 100W
Lamp inbegrepenJa
Aantal lampen1
Fitting type lampE27
Max. Watt100W
Datum van ontwerp1960

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