Wever Ducre Hexo Mini Gu10

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Hexagonal spot diffuses the light downward and upward. Perfect for a modern indoor.

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Merk: Wever & Ducré

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Hexo Mini is available in Small and Large. Small it diffuses the light downward whereas Large diffuses the light upward and downward by its extremities.

Its hexagonal shape gives a modern touch in your rooms. It perfectly suits in a design indoor, a corridor, as headboard or even in a living room.

Hexo Mini is available in four various, gold, bronze, copper and black. 

Small is 77x115mm - Large is 77x200mm.

Hexo Mini Small needs one bulb whereas Large needs two bulbs, easily installable. 

About Wever & Ducré 

Wever & Ducré is a Belgian brand founded in 2011. It is specialized in the LED interior and exterior lighting.


Bulb type  : 

De GU10 caps are spot bulbs with two pins at the bottom of the bulb. You have to fix it by a quarter turn in the socket. The lights which use GU10 bulbs are directly connected to 220V. A transformer is not required. 

First as halogen, today they are plenty of GU10 different bulb in LED version.


The best LED bulb GU10 which today exists. Outstanding light exceeding the halogen quality. The colors are perfect and the light is unbelievable, once tested you won't change anymore toward others brand and type light. 


Bulb GU 10 LED PRO of top quality selected by Lamptwist team after a few tests. The light rendition of the LED bulb is close to the halogen. 

Technische Informatie
Materiaal Aluminium
Afmetingen Small : 77 x 115 Large : 77 x 200
Kleur Black, gold, copper, bronze
Lamp inbegrepen Nee
Fitting type lamp GU10
Gewicht 0,23kg

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