Indoor Lighting Pendant Lighting Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp

Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp

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Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp
Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp
Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp
Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp
Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp
Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp
Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp
Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp

Ceiling Rose

Standard White Canopy


10W Xenon
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A pretty simple lamp having a contemporary feel that can be used in linear configuration in bars, restaurants, retail shops or the user pleases.

The Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp is a member of the Bocci 14 series family. It is a low voltage single pendant designed to be in a group or clusters. It is a product manufactured by Bocci in Canada and designed by Omer Arbel as it been made into a globe form.

Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp is known with features such as the material use to create it structure as it is made of glass. This single pendant light is a seamed, cast glass sphere having frosted cylindrical void which contains either a xenon or LED light lamp.

The lighting of the Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp is either a Xenon which is 10 watt with 12 volts having a bi pin or a 1.5watt LED. The Xenon light is dimmable which means the illuminative brightness can be dimmed while the LED lighting isn’t.

The color of the product can either be clear, grey or amber for user to choose from. The dimesion of the globe (sphere) is a 10cm diameter.

The Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp has a mini canopy that is about over 1 inch in diameter and 0.5 inch deep, which creates a quite subtle attribute that will end up blending into the application surface. This lamp has both commercial and domestic application as it for both indoors and outdoor use.

Brands > Bocci
Designed by
Omer Arbel
Made in
8 variants possible
Product Information
Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    Standard Brushed Nickel Canopy - Ø : 116 mm x W : 7 mm; Deep Brushed Nickel Canopy - Ø : 116 mm x W : 40 mm
  2. Material

    Cast glass, blown borosilicate glass, braided metal coaxial cable, electrical components, brushed nickel canopy
  3. Weight

  4. Cable length

    Adjustable. 3000mm standard / up to 30500 mm maximum
  5. Max watt

    1.5w or 10w
  6. Number of lamps

  7. Designer

    Omer Arbel

Bocci 14.1 Pendant Lamp

Standard White Canopy, 10W Xenon