Living Garden & Terrace Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0

Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0

Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0
Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0
Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0
Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0
Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0
Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0
Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0
Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0
Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0


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Short specifications

  • Dimensions

    W110cm x D103cm x H62cm

  • Material

    Polyester ripstop PU

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Fatboy Lamzac O is an inflatable lounge one-seater that requires no pump. Scoop air, roll up and snap on, and you have a super comfortable lounge chair in seconds.

This lounge chair goes everywhere with you The Fatboy Lamzac O is very compact and easy to take anywhere in the included carrying bag. Found the ideal chill spot? Just like the regular Lamzac, move the Lamzac O horizontally through the air, fill it with free air and relax. Bad weather coming? Just deflate it, fold it up and the Lamzac O is stowed back in the carry bag in no time. Chilling in the
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Product Information
  1. Dimensions

    W110cm x D103cm x H62cm
  2. Material

    Polyester ripstop PU
  3. Weight

  4. Designer

  5. Remarks

    • Comfortable seat for 1 person
    • Includes carrying bag and repair kit (stickzac)
    • Air will reduce slightly after standing and sitting several times, just easily scoop extra air according to your comfort level
    • Store the Lamzac O inside after use
  6. Technical Information

    • Polyester ripstop TPU with Airproof and water-repellent coating
    • Filling: Free air
    • Super strong, can carry up to 150 kg
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy inflation (in 10 sec) by scooping air
  7. Product Code

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Fatboy Lamzac O 3.0

Dark Blue