Indoor Lighting Table Lamps Tonone Ella Table Lamp

Tonone Ella Table Lamp

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Tonone Ella Table Lamp
Tonone Ella Table Lamp
Tonone Ella Table Lamp
Tonone Ella Table Lamp
Tonone Ella Table Lamp
Tonone Ella Table Lamp
Tonone Ella Table Lamp
Tonone Ella Table Lamp
Tonone Ella Table Lamp

Glass Color

Neutral Grey

feet color

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The Tonone Ella is a highly functional lamp. Inspired by a romantic, poetic industrial look, it brings a different warm and inviting look to any room or desk space.

The Tonone company was founded in 2013 by Anton de Groof in The Netherlands. Working with local craftsmen, the Tonone company has had much success. Their approach is a highly functional, bold, no nonsense designs that have industrial character. Their innovative designs are inspired by traditional craft tools and mechanics as a visual celebration. The Tonone Ella is a combination of an aluminum
Brands > Tonone
Designed by
Anton de Groof
Made in
4 variants possible
Product Information
Tonone Ella Table Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    H: 66 cm X W: 35 cm
  2. Material

    The tripod stand is made of powdercoated steel and holds a hand-blown glass shade.
  3. Cable length

  4. Socket type lamp

  5. Max watt

  6. Glass color

    Transparant, Neutral Grey
  7. Designer

    Anton de Groof
  8. Voltage


Tonone Ella Table Lamp

Neutral Grey, White