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John Fearon et James Bassant founded Astro in 1997. They wanted to create design quality lighting. Astro is a British brand which matches quality and simplicity. 

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The collaboration between John Fearon and James Bassant started in the basement of a house in Sevenoaks, they both were fascinated by British lighting design.

They started to create spots, this is becoming the heart of the brand. They wanted more by adapting those spots for bathroom, what became the go-to brand for bathroom lighting.

Astro grow up faster and faster, the brand works with partners of the whole world and expands its designers, developers and administrative team. 

The brand continues its developing by opening in 2016 its new head office of 8000m2. 

Astros has taken over Asia, it exportes now in the Asia-Pacific region and owns a subsidiary in Singapore.

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