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Gervasoni is a family business that speaks of a world that is at once informal, elegant and contemporary. The continuous search for the creative potential given by exclusive combinations of industrial materials, natural materials and craft techniques, combined with the passion of over 130 years of activity, has given life to a style that is recognisable all over the world.

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Founded in 1882, Gervasoni is currently managed by the third generation of the family with Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni. Born in the province of Udine as a small artisan workshop specialising in wickerwork, the “Premiata Società Friulana per l’Industria di Vimini” [Award-winning Friulian Society for the Wicker Industry] passed into the hands of Giovanni Gervasoni in 1925, and has since travelled the Italian history of 20th century design. To date, it is an established reality in the world of indoor and outdoor furniture. Gervasoni has crossed the new frontiers of avant-garde and innovation of the 90s thanks to the eclectic and unconventional creativity of Paola Navone, who will become its artistic director and creator of some of the most iconic collections, while always maintaining that background full of history and tradition that has been a main feature of the company since its beginnings.

In May 2015, Gervasoni joined IDB, Italian Design Brands S.p.A. By combining substantial financial, strategic and relational forces with solid industrial and commercial experience, the project aims to create an Italian high-quality design furniture hub, capable of becoming a highly competitive reality at an international level. Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni, in addition to managing the Friulian company, are part, as minority shareholders, of the Board of Directors of the IDB Group.

Gervasoni has embraced a particular sensitivity, which finds its most complete expression in the harmonious combinations between natural elements and the most refined products of human work, to combine the unpredictable variety of the organic and mineral world with the regularity and rationality of high-tech artefacts.

The production capacity and high technical know-how allow continuous innovation in business processes, in the use of latest generation machinery and in the adoption of accurate control and quality management systems. All this has allowed Gervasoni to be the spokesperson for the union that exists between manual skills and advanced industrial technologies: it has shifted its attention towards the research of materials, their quality, and the right way to treat them in respect of their essence, to giving life to products capable of harmoniously and originally combining materials with the most diverse inspirations.

Another strength of Gervasoni is the meticulous attention to details and the use of materials worked with great skill. Gervasoni uses materials with different backgrounds: natural, contemporary, exotic, technical, treating them in full respect of their intrinsic qualities with the aim of enhancing them. The combination of natural and industrial gives life to products in which luxury resides precisely in the entire design of the realisation, and not only in its final aesthetics. Furthermore, the latest generation materials are combined with traditional materials, offering a selection of innovative and unexpected products, while remaining seductive and poetic.