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We have reissued Serge Mouille lighting since 1999 in our workshops in France. We are the only rights holders in THE WORLD.

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Serge Mouille Big Totem Floor Lamp
Serge Mouille Big Totem Floor Lamp
Serge Mouille 2 Lampe d
Serge Mouille 2 Rotating Straight Arms Sconce Lamp
Serge Mouille Applique avec 2 Bras Tournants - 1 Droit - 1 Courbe
Serge Mouille 2 Rotating Arms, 1 Straight, 1 Curved Sconce Lamp
Serge Mouille 1 Lampe d
Serge Mouille 1 Rotating Straight Arm Sconce Lamp
Serge Mouille 1 Lampe à Bras Courbe Rotatif
Serge Mouille 1 Rotating Curved Arm Sconce Lamp
Serge Mouille “Spider” 5 Still Arms Sconce Lamp
Serge Mouille 5 Still Arms Sconce Lamp
Serge Mouille “Spider” 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp
Serge Mouille 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp
Serge Mouille Totem Column Lampe de Sol
Serge Mouille Totem Column Lamp
Serge Mouille Plafonnier à 2 Bras Fixes
Serge Mouille 2 Still Arms Ceiling Lamp
Serge Mouille "Spider" 3 still arms Plafonnier
Serge Mouille "Spider" 3 still arms Ceiling Lamp
Serge Mouille Tripod Lampe de Bureau
Serge Mouille Tripod Desk Lamp
Serge Mouille Cocotte Lampe de Bureau
Serge Mouille Cocotte Desk Lamp
Serge Mouille Antony Lampe de Bureau
Serge Mouille Antony Desk Lamp
Serge Mouille Lampadaire Droit
Serge Mouille Standing Lamp 1 Arm

Serge Mouille moved to Monthiers, in the south of Aisne, in 1963 and it is a few kilometers from his village that Editions Serge Mouille (ESM) are now working to follow up on the manufacture of its works. Continue yes, rather than republish because if the development of ESM is recent, its history, already long, draws on the roots, philosophy and projects of Serge Mouille himself.

A family-owned and independent business, Editions Serge Mouille was created in 1999 by Gin Mouille, widow of Serge, and Claude Delpiroux. Unfortunately Gin left us in June 2009 and Claude in October 2016. It is his son Didier who is now responsible for continuing the adventure.

From the outset, it was a question of working with respect for the artisanal spirit to which the creator was very attached and in conformity with the originals, both in terms of shapes, dimensions and colors. Preferring that his creations retain the quality of work and finishes by hand, because Serge Mouille had never wanted to switch to industrial production.

The search for authenticity, respect for the original work, know-how and the manufacturing process are and remain one of the founding values ​​of Editions Serge Mouille.

The collection includes 35 models divided into floor lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights and desk lamps, available in black and also but more rarely in white and which leave our workshop to be distributed worldwide. Each model is numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. If in doubt about the authenticity of a piece, do not hesitate to contact us via the CONTACT tab or by email by clicking here.

Other projects by Editions Serge Mouille® bear witness to an approach to bring Serge's spirit to life and extend it: Part of the house in Monthiers which he occupied until 1988 is about to become a showroom.

Taking up the idea of ​​Serge Mouille when he created, in 1961, the SCM (Company of Creation of Models), we created in 2013 a new company LIGNES DE DEMARCATION , little sister of Editions Serge Mouille, which proposes to edit and distribute the works of other artists of reconcilable inspiration such as Michel Buffet, François Azambourg, Jean-Louis Avril etc ... always with respect for artisanal work.