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What is IP Rating for a Bathroom?

What is IP Rating for a Bathroom?

Bathroom lighting is more than just aesthetics, it's about functionality and safety. Understanding bathroom zones is crucial for creating a well-lit space that caters to various needs while adhering to safety regulations. These zones are safety-defined areas classified by their proximity to water sources (bathtub, shower) to prevent potential electrical hazards. They guide the selection of appropriate lighting fixtures with specific IP ratings.


Bathroom Zones

  • Zone 0:
  1. This refers to the interior of the shower or bathtub. For this area, luminaires with IPX7 or IPX8 ratings are essential. These fixtures can endure immersion and ensure reliable performance even in direct water contact.
  • Zone 1:
  1. Extending vertically above the bathtub or shower up to 2.25 meters, Zone 1 requires SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage 12V) luminaires rated at least IPX4. Such fixtures can handle potential water splashes.
  • Zone 2:
  1. Stretching 0.6 meters beyond Zone 1 and up to 2.25 meters in height, Zone 2 experiences occasional moisture. Luminaires with a minimum IPX4 rating offer suitable protection.
  • Zone 3:
  1. Beyond Zone 2, Zone 3 encounters minimal water exposure. While IPX4-rated fixtures are still advisable, general lighting options with lower IP ratings (such as IP20) can be used.

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