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Please Wait to be Seated lamps

PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED is a dynamic Danish design brand created in 2014 by Thomas Ibsen. Ibsen previously worked as a photographer for international magazines including Wallpaper and Elle Décor. In 2016, Peter Mahler Sørensen came on board as the company’s CEO and co-owner.

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Please Wait to be Seated lighting

The concept, forming the foundation of the brand, is to develop a high quality design brand motivated by a passion for shapes, architecture, and the heritage of former Danish leaders.

When receiving enquiries about the name, Ibsen simply states that it summarizes the nature of the brand. Namely, a polite team who is passionate about seating and all things interior, is humorous, and humble. Furthermore, it’s a play on words on the usual signs seen at the entrance to restaurants.

The purpose behind PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED is to serve as a platform for the ‘next big thing’. As such, the brand places emphasis on the longevity of their creations and tries to avoid the ‘buy and trash’ mindset.

PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED also acts as a distributor of high-quality products from enthusiastic companies, artists, designers, and producers. This includes PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED lamps. A mutual characteristic among these is their knowledge of their industry regarding craftsmanship, talent, material attributes, and durability in design. As far as the brand is concerned, it is an honor to represent these talented individuals and brands.

The brand is also an avid partaker on the international front, with many of their creations being shipped all over the globe. PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED’s showroom, however, is based in Copenhagen.

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