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Since 2008, Tom Raffield Ltd has been creating and producing steam-bent, wooden lighting and furniture. Each hand-made lamp and product is made to last and become highly-valued by their owners.

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    The easy to install Hanter Wall Light by Tom Raffield is a unique bespoke wall piece, which induces charm in open living spaces. The wall light adds a modern touch of creativity that dazzles and captivates the attention of onlookers.
  • 153,00 € 170,00 € -10% Product available with different options
    Product available with different options
    An ancient skill reworked for the modern world Tom Raffield creates products that will be cherished, enjoyed and loved. The Helix pendant is a lamp that shows it's natural beauty.
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    Nature-inspired, just like all his other uniquely made products, the Tom Raffield Skipper Pendant is an illuminant with rippling loops of timber all over interwoven in a simple design.
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    Out of stock
    Tom Raffield Urchin Pendant is a spherical, minimalist illuminant created with tight strips of wood that conceal the light source offering a soft and warm atmosphere.
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Tom Raffield lighting

At Tom Raffield, they design and create a variety of modern furniture and lighting that portray what they believe in. These creations showcase excellent design and are produced by materials Tom Raffield is passionate about. Every Tom Raffield lamp and product is made by hand by talented craftsmen. Production takes place in the brand’s woodland workshop in Cornwall, England. Each product is completed, one by one, in detail to create a high-qualty piece of art. We stand by sustaining the environment and aim to remove the ‘throw-away’ lifestyle that is ever present in our current culture.

Tom Raffield is also of the impression that each product, whether furniture or lighting, should be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. They make use of the conventional method of steam-bending wood to produce products that will complement the interior spaces in which they are placed for a lengthy period.

The brand is passionate about the path that each of its lamps and furniture products take. Beginning right at the start where the timber is harvested in a sustainable manner, right through to the conscientious development of its design and, finally, the completion. Extraordinarily, the story of every creation develops a new significance when combined with the client’s unique interior space.

Tom Raffield has partnered with a number of clients through variouse projects. These have included residential tasks as well as commercial arrangements. The brand’s creations are essentially founded entirely on the natural shapes, yet also maintain their individual stories which complement the interior spaces they occupy. 

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