How to decorate small kitchens

by Dmitri Kara

At LampTwist, we know that a spacious, Victorian kitchen, bathed in sunlight, is a dream for many.

However, most of us prepare meals in a small kitchen. But there is no need to despair! When space comes at a premium, all you need is the right design solutions to turn less into more. 

Below you’ll find some ingenious small kitchen decorating ideas, so you never have to feel claustrophobic when you cook your favorite meals.

You will certainly gain more storage space, a larger surface area, and a cozier atmosphere by following these tips.

Statement & Task Lighting

The right choice of lighting makes a kitchen look larger, especially if you combine it with a light shade of paint on the walls. If you prefer dark cabinets, accentuate them with under-cabinet lighting. This will also brighten the work area. 

Here are some guidelines:

  • LED strips can illuminate counter space if you place them under shelves and cabinets. Installation is straightforward - peel and stick the strips, then plug them in.
  • Incandescent light bulbs are a relic to retire. Replace them with modern, energy-efficient LED bulbs. Mind the color temperature - neutral white is usually the best choice to liven a room.
  • Use any ceiling tracks you have to clip pendant lights and layer the lighting.
  • Replace old light fixtures to add style and safety.
  • Make light bounce around the kitchen by adding a mirror wall or backsplash. Glossy appliances and lacquered cabinets go a long way too.

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Cooking Tool Wall Storage

Kitchens in busy restaurants use industrial wall hardware to store utensils. Similarly, you can follow these tips from cookery experts Gathar to turn any wall into a storage area:

  • Hang utensil racks. Some hooks on a bar are enough to hold your tools, pans, or even baskets to hold smaller items.
  • Hang a pegboard. They can be prefabricated or custom-made to the size you need. Use it to store almost anything, just make sure to organize the items conveniently.
  • Store cutlery and spice jars on wall magnets.


Additional Shelving

Find any nook and cranny where shelves can be added. 

That could be over the counter, inside of cabinets, even space between fitted appliances. A good place to store cookbooks would be a narrow shelf added to a kitchen island.

Hideaway Furniture

Show some creativity when you pick furniture to make the most of your tiny kitchen. Multipurpose items easy to tuck away are practical to sneak into your interior. 

Such as:

  • Backless stools that slip under a counter when not in use.
  • Roll-out tables, cabinets, or even a rolling island to serve as a bar in the living room when cooking is done.
  • Drop-down tables or cutting boards mounted on the wall.

More Counter Space

A minimalist counter free of clutter is an important element of any contemporary kitchen space. Not only does it look modern, but the increased counter area makes it much easier to prep and cook. 

To start, stash away small appliances and items you do not need immediately. Increase the counter space further with any of the following:

  • A low-profile ceramic cooker. When not in use, modern electric cooktops provide a sleek surface that doubles as extra counter space to put any items you need.
  • A cooktop cover. Even a gas cooker becomes a useful surface if you buy a cover for it. They come in variations, including wood butcher block surfaces.
  • A rolling cart or butcher block. Fit a set of wheels yourself or just buy one that comes with them, and you have a multipurpose counter that is easy to roll out of the way when not needed. You can even transform it into a breakfast bar with some simple stools.
  • Look for a set low enough to fit under the block for easy storage.

The Kitchen Island

Even if your kitchen is narrow and tiny, it can still have an island. Just pick a slim, rolling one that you can push out of the way, once done cooking.

When your guests arrive, you can bring it into the dining or living room and repurpose it as a bar.

Kitchen Greenery


Any space livens and brightens up when you simply add plants. 

It’s a great way to use all that light you have been working to get into the kitchen. A good place to put a large plant or flower arrangement would be on top of the fridge.

If you want to make the best out of the morning for your significant other, look into a stylish flower bouquet. Set it up in a vase on a shelf or the table, and perfectly set the mood, adding some bright color and scent.

Built-in Seating

Eating in the kitchen can prove difficult when space is limited. 

To seat people comfortably around a table, you need significant space behind each chair, so people can easily get up. You can resolve that need by building in a banquette.

A slide-in banquette does not require any space, so you can fit a lot more people in your tiny kitchen.

Storage to the Ceiling

It’s always a challenge to find storage space in a small kitchen, but many overlooked areas prove useful, such as the top of cabinets, comment storage experts from Henfield Storage. Build more cupboards in, all the way to the ceiling. If space allows, install a rolling ladder, so you don’t have to fetch a step-ladder every time you need to access them, experts add.

Maximize Your Dining Space

You can still throw a dinner party, even without the room for a table to fit a dozen people. Just show some creativity with the seating. If you have a kitchen island, tuck some barstools away under it. 

A drop-leaf or an extendable bistro table can provide extra room when needed. Throw your party buffet-style to make seating easier. That way guests can serve themselves as they like and sit anywhere comfortably.  

Another way to use vertical space is to display bulkier items at the top. The room would seem larger if you install glass cabinets and put some beautiful pieces on display inside.

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