Design Lamps Brands

Beautiful designer lighting completes your home. Whether you're talking about a pendant lamp or a table lamp, lighting largely determines the atmosphere. Your interior is not complete without the right lighting.

Lamps are therefore often underestimated when it comes to furnishing or finishing a home.

Whether it is pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps or a desk lamp, at an official dealer such as Lamptwist you will find them all from renowned brands.

What are design lamps?

Design lamps are just a bit more luxurious than standard lighting. A standard lamp that serves purely as basic functional lighting is fine, but designer lamps differ from ordinary lamps in that they are made to be beautiful. They have a luxurious look to match any living style, from modern to rustic.

The aforementioned top brands provide high-quality designer lamps. Of course it is important that design lighting fits well in your interior. The right color and material play a role in this. For example, a lamp of bronze or copper will not look good in every interior. Everything depends on the right combination and style.

Your personal preferences also play a role. Do you want to be able to dim the lighting? Would you like a nice, diffused light? Do you find it important that you can put LED lighting in your table lamp or pendant lamp? Everything is possible when it comes to design lighting.

From classic to modern or industrial and from inside lighting to garden lighting, anything is possible with design.

Why buy a designer lamp?

Design lamps you buy so because you not only value a good lighting plan in your home, but also because you love a beautiful look. Design lamps give the finishing touch to your hallway, living room, table, desk or ceiling.

In a modern interior, then, a designer pendant lamp should not be missing. This can be a real eye-catcher that really finishes off your home.

Modern designer lamps can also do a lot for an outdoor space. A designer pendant light above your patio instantly adds to the decor.

Exterior lighting can provide extra ambiance on your patio, and when it gets dark, outdoor lighting is additionally functional.

Design lighting of Europe

The most beautiful designer lighting doesn't have to come from far away. There is a wide range of designer lights from European sources. So start your search for beautiful design lighting with European designers.

The consultants are happy to inspire you and help you find suitable design lamps for your home.

Italian lamp brands

From Italy come many design products. So do designer lamps. Whether you are looking for a table lamp, a pendant lamp or a wall lamp, Italian design comes in all colors and sizes.

Let yourself be surprised by a beautiful designer lamp by an Italian designer from the collection of an official dealer.

Please beware of counterfeits, however, because fake lamps are many times worse in quality than a lamp from a reputable brand.

Design lamps from Dutch soil

Also from Dutch soil come the most beautiful lamps. Lamps that you can rotate 180 degrees to adjust the lighting to the function of the moment. This can be very handy above your desk or dining table, for example. The Netherlands is also a supplier of design lighting of top quality.

A beautiful table lamp from top Dutch design should not be missing in a primal Dutch interior. Fatboy and Tonone are examples of typical Dutch brands of design lamps.

German brands of lamps

Germany is known for its quality, and when it comes to lighting, this is once again confirmed.

In addition to good quality, Germany also provides a large collection of modern design lamps. Also in Germany, good lighting is taken very seriously, and this is reflected in the range.

Lamps from German brands are therefore not only good quality, but also the functionality of lighting is well thought about.

From Germany therefore comes a wide range of lighting, in numerous different designs. Although Germans themselves often have a preference for classic, many modern design lamps also come from here.

Belgian design lamps

With Belgian design lamps we see especially that creativity plays a big role. For an original table lamp or pendant lamp you are always right with a Belgian brand.

Famous designer lamps

Lamptwist is not just any dealer, but an official dealer of renowned brands. So you will find a large collection of the most beautiful design lamps and the best brands, such as Fatboy, Tonone, Buster and punch, Market set, Secto Design, Muuto, Petit Friture and &tradition.

These brands will not look out of place in any design home.

All of these brands will not look out of place in a designer home with luxury furnishings and guarantee to deliver top quality modern design lighting.

Exclusive lamp brands

Design lighting from exclusive brands is pleasing to the eye. The right light will ensure that your home has a luxurious look.

But not only the light itself is important, because the eye wants something too. The more exclusive brands respond to this and have beautiful designs.

The more exclusive brands use beautiful materials, such as glass and copper. Combine light and design of an exclusive brand, in both a modern and classic interior.

LED lamps best brands design

Design lamps are also available in LED versions. LED is nowadays impossible to imagine without, because LED is by far the most economical and environmentally friendly form of lighting.

Not only in your pendant or table lamp, but also in spotlights it is possible to place led, without compromising on design.