Hanging several pendant lamps from a single light point

by Robbie Nevens

Have you found the ideal dining table? Then it's time to complete the dining room with one or more pendant lamps. It is becoming increasingly popular to place several pendant lamps next to each other. But is it possible to connect several lamps to one light point? And if so, how exactly do you do this? In this blog, we will answer all your questions about hanging several pendant lamps from one light point.

Is this actually possible?

It is good to know that it is at least possible to fix several lamps to one light point. In principle, it is not much more difficult than hanging one lamp. However, it is nice to have a clear explanation and the right equipment. We will describe this in detail below. After reading this blog, you will know exactly how to connect several lamps to one light point and what to look out for. Of course, you start by switching off the power, just as you would if you were only hanging one lamp.

Connecting with wire connectors

Do you want to hang several lamps from one light point? Then wire connectors are extremely handy to have! With a wire connectors, you can be sure that all wires are connected in the right way. To fix two lamps to one light point, you need two wire connectors. Open the wire connectors by pushing up the orange flaps. Then take the stripped cords and disconnect the blue and brown cables. Into one of the wire connectors you put all the brown wires and into the other wire connector you put all the blue wires. After this, you can close the orange flaps on the wire terminals again, so that the wire connector continues to clamp the wires. Do this for both the wires from the ceiling and the wires from the lamps themselves. As soon as you turn the power back on, the lamps should now work. So fixing several lamps to one light point is that simple!


An alternative to connecting with wire connectors is by using screw connectors. However, we recommend using wire connectors as this is just a little easier for the amateur.

Simple cable management

Once you have hung the lamps, you still have to deal with the cables. Not everyone likes it when they are visible. Fortunately, you can easily hide them, for instance by mounting the lamps on a rail or by purchasing a so-called ceiling cap. Within our range, you will find ceiling caps with different numbers of holes. As a result, there is always a suitable tool to hide your cables, no matter how many suspended lamps you attach to one light point. There are also lamp manufacturers who supply their own ceiling plates to match the configuration you choose.

Incidentally, you can also choose to simply hang the cords from the light point to the lamp. You can leave the cable hanging loosely or you can hang it tighter. What looks best mainly depends on your interior. Of course, it is also a matter of taste. If you have an industrial design, for instance, it matters much less if the lamp cords are still visible. If you prefer a sleek and modern design, it may be better to hide the cables.

The distance between the hanging lamps

What else should you consider when hanging several lamps? The distance between the hanging lamps is important! If there is too much or too little space between the pendant lamps, it can look crazy. A good tip is to measure the diameter of your lamps and keep the same space between them. This way, the dining room will maintain a clean look. By the way, this is just a suggestion and you can of course hang the lamps further or closer together. After all, that too is a matter of taste and it also partly depends on the type of lamp.

Feel free to contact us for advice

Would you like to know more about hanging pendant lamps? Then we recommend that you contactus. We will then be happy to help you. Even if you are not sure which lamps suit you best, we recommend you ask for advice. We know the various brands and designers in our range inside out and are happy to help you.