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A design company hailing from the Nordic companies, &tradition boasts that their vision has combined craft, art, function and form. Though their brand name states tradition, their products are rich in contemporary design, from redefining and reinventing certain materials in their pieces to reshaping and reusing techniques and forms to develop and present their pieces. Since their name, however, is based on tradition, they enjoy using pieces in their natural forms, including raw materials and believe that that is the way in which furniture is made to last.

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&tradition Copenhagen SC13 Table Lamp
&tradition Copenhagen SC13 Table Lamp
&Tradition Bellevue AJ10 & AJ11 Desk Lamps
&Tradition Bellevue AJ10 & AJ11 Desk Lamps

Mixing tradition with renovation, &tradition uses old school techniques that have lasted over a course of generations and also institute the newest and latest industrial processes to develop their pieces. They boast a mixture of tradition and revolution, which is shown in the shape and process in which their pieces are made.

Their team of designers is also a blend between those who have been working on their craft for years, old masters, and those who are new and looking for the most influencing and trail blazing designs to be the icons of the future. Their team is made up of 20 well known names and teams that are committed to finding the best designs for their companies and are willing to work with one another to combining a fantastic set of ideas for their designs.

&tradition business can be located in a multitude of countries, from Bulgaria, to Czech Republic, from Denmark to Slovakia to the United Arab Emirates.

The founders of &traditino believe that “there has to be an aesthetic dimension on its own. In the end of the day, a design or interior shouldn't need an explanation to justify its existence.” This type of artistry is shown not only in their showrooms, but also in each of the pieces that they design.