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Azimut Industries is a French design company that is specialized in creating light products that combine smart and technical solutions to increase the value of use. Azimut created a complete set of spotlights that can be used for commercial and private use.

The whole production is based in France.

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Azimut Industries 1969 (green) - Second Chance
Azimut Industries 1969

Christian Girard is the designer behind the Azimut collection. His inspiration by commercial lighting led him to create these lighting atmospheres. The basis for his mobile spotlight, which he made in 1969, was made by General Electric. The spotlight is mobile because of a magnet that can rotate around a metallic hemisphere. Christian Girard became very famous at the start of the 60's when hundreds of Azimut spotlights were installed in shops and night clubs around Paris.

From 1965 until the end of the 70's he conceives some Parisian shops, that can be seen as the percursory of the "concept stores": Knap, Hit Parade, Casanova, B 33, Farenheit, Jns 3, Bulle, Penthouse, Vroom, Holywood Boulevard…

In 1975 he designed a shopping centre in Reuil-Malmaison: 7300m², 32 stores on 2 floors. From 1978 until the end of the 80's he designed a lot of Paris nightclubs like Le Francois 1er, Le Soleil Noir, L’apocalypse, Le Garage, Le Central, Le Studio 102, Le Queen.