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DARK, based in Belgium, does not just produce lighting solutions. Instead, they produce lighting solutions that double as works of art. From lamps, to chandeliers, to sculptures; DARK aims to improve the look and feel of your interior space. For their innovative work, DARK has won the Interior Innovation Award.

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Dark Sangha
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The brand is backed up by an entire list of designers who take pride in DARK’s various product collections. These collections are based on fulfilling various different lighting needs but also each showcase a different style or design form. For example, while the L-Hop 1 collection provides a lighting solution for the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom, the Mr. Beam collection performs a more ‘overhead’ lighting function. While the former focuses more on purpose, the latter is more design-intensive making use of actual wooden beams and incorporating light into these.

DARK also takes on various projects involving different lighting requirements. The range of projects is broad from creatively lighting up nursery schools, to providing lighting design to trendy bars, and elegant hotels. Whatever the requirements, DARK lamps are able to provide a unique, creative lighting solution that is bound to transform the look and feel of the entire space.