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Design House Stockholm has identified themselves as publishers of design instead of abiding by the label of a traditional manufacturer. As such, they partner with designers in much the same way as publishing companies partner with authors. Instead of requesting that a designer create a particular product, however, Design House Stockholm calls designers to offer their own ideas. Some of which are then chosen to be produced.

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Design House Stockholm Block Lamp by Harri Koskinen
Design House Stockholm Block Lamp by Harri Koskinen
Design House Stockholm Cord Lamp
Design House Stockholm Cord Lamp by Form Us With Love

Based in Scandinavia, Design House Stockholm aims to collate the top ‘local’ design work. This ‘locality’, however, extends to France, Germany, Australia, America, and even Chile. The result is an interesting, unique mix of classic designs with eternal charm, as opposed to focusing on producing in accordance with fleeting trends.

Design House Stockholm pride themselves in partnering with both well-known designers and those who are new to the industry. They are not so much interested in the history of the designer as they are in the work that he or she can create. For example, now established Harri Koskinen was only a student when Design House Stockholm entered into a partnership with him. This partnership led to the production of the renowned, successful Block Lamp.

Over and above producing designer lamps and lighting solutions, Design House Stockholm also operates in the following areas: furniture, home textiles, kitchen, fashion, design objects, and the Elsa Beskow Collection. The brand’s main store is located in NK Stockholm, hence the name. They do, however, also have stores in Selfridges London and NK Gothenburg, Bastad, as well as in Frankfurt and Jönköping. The brand has had over 1000 products, created by over 100 designers, produced and delivered worldwide. Their process includes packaging and shop fittings across all product categories in order to make franchising easily accessible.

Design House Stockholm