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Alex Gabriels started her career in advertising as an art director but transitioned to freelancing to focus on her passion for ceramics. Inspired by her mother's love for tableware, Gabriels now specializes in decorative ceramics like lamps and vases, enjoying the magical process of turning and assembling separate parts.

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Serax Table Lamp Romé
Serax Table Lamp Romé
Serax Table Lamp Romé

Alex Gabriels began her professional journey as an art director in the advertising sector. Over the past four years, she transitioned into freelancing to dedicate more time to nurturing her passion for ceramics. While her love for ceramics has been a constant in her life, it only became a full-time pursuit in 2020. Gabriels attributes her affinity for tableware to her mother but finds joy in crafting decorative ceramics, such as lamps and vases, which often involve the intricate process of turning separate parts and assembling them—a moment she describes as magical.