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Sophie Casier is a designer with a lifelong fascination for shapes, colors, materials, and light. Through various courses and experiences, she has honed her skills and developed a keen eye for aesthetics and balance. Casier's work revolves around the interplay of different materials, with a special emphasis on the transformative power of light. Based in Brussels, she creates her designs in a studio characterized by sublime natural light. Additionally, she plans to establish a winter atelier by the Mediterranean Sea to further explore the interplay of light in her creations.

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Serax Table Lamp Oya
Serax Table Lamp Oya
Serax Table Lamp Oya

Sophie Casier is a designer whose lifelong fascination with shapes, colors, materials, and light has driven her creative journey. She pursued various courses to deepen her understanding of design, including applied arts, old furniture restoration, and marbling techniques at the Institut des Arts et Métiers in Brussels. Always in pursuit of the unseen and the aesthetic, Casier is captivated by the balance found in everything around her.

Her fascination with materials knows no bounds, encompassing wood, brass, steel, bronze, aluminum, ceramic, pigments, oil paint, and oil pastels, among others. However, light holds a special place in her work—it serves as the cornerstone of her creations. For Casier, light is not just about illumination but about creating a soft and comforting ambiance, where its diffusion brings about a sense of tranquility.

Based in Brussels, Casier crafts her designs in her home studio, where the interplay of light is sublime. Additionally, she plans to establish a winter atelier by the Mediterranean Sea, further immersing herself in the ethereal beauty of natural light. Casier's design philosophy revolves around harnessing the subtle nuances of light to evoke emotion and create harmonious spaces that resonate with tranquility and comfort.