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Dreizehngrad produces lighting solutions that are a mixture of conventional and contemporary styles. All materials used are proven to be wholesome and of the utmost quality. Within the development phase, contemporary technology is combined with traditional craftsmanship to create the end result. This is a unique light, customized by hand.

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Dreizehngrad Industrial 36-08P
Dreizehngrad Industrial 36-08P
Dreizehngrad Industrial 36-08P
Dreizehngrad Funk 16-26T (Maple) - Second Chance
Dreizehngrad Funk 16/26T
Dreizehngrad Beat 16-19P Pendant
Dreizehngrad Beat 16-19P Pendant

Founded in 2010, dreizehngrad is passionate and dedicated to the topic of light. The company is based in the City of Dresden. The brand is committed to making use of natural materials and is continuously developing new details in design, giving rise to a constant flow of fresh collections. The brand has become known for a design style that is both vibrant and sophisticated. dreizehngrad is also a regular attendee of international trade fairs.

Regarding the dreisehngrad veneer lamps, wood is administered to be as thin as possible in order to achieve the subtle, bendable, and transparent design. These renowned lamps provide the consumer with a fresh experience of taking in light. Thanks to the growth rings and biological coloring of the veneer, each lamp comes out absolutely unique. The colors of the Industrial collection are created from mouth-blown crystal glass. Other dreizehngrad collections include the Dub collection, Funk collection, and Swing collection.

Over and above creating lamps, dreizehngrad also provides customized lighting solutions. This is based on unique requirements, provided by the consumer, and covers the architectural idea, room positioning and functioning, and lighting solutions. dreizehngrad will create the concept and produce the end product swiftly and according to requirements.