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Enrico Zanolla is an Italian designer who has design at heart. His creations show original and tasteful insight.
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Enrico Zanolla Bale Pendant
Enrico Zanolla Bale Pendant
Enrico Zanolla Bale Pendant
His works cover a range of areas, including architecture, contract projects, interior design, and industrial design. In this, his focus areas are furniture, lighting and lamps, accessories, concepts, and spaces. Throughout his work, there is strong emphasis on glorifying the senses and creating impeccable style. Enrico’s work is displayed at some of the most prestigious design exhibitions and he strives to produce a completely unique result in each and every one of the projects he takes on. Through the years, the designer has found a specific interest in shapes, colours, textiles and furniture trends, design, and fashion; and has been quoted saying:

“Design is life , in continuous variation and motion, you can live or refuse it but at the end you will be involved even against your will. Design helps reinvent ourselves, being challenged, forcing the human being to turn attention to the future. Impetuous desire of improvement.“

Enrico’s aim, in each of his projects, is to approach them not only in terms of the appearance aspect, usually connected to design, but regarding the whole creative process. This includes conceptualizing the project, deciding on the technical methods, and then engaging in the engineering, and actual design. As such, Enrico is involved in design and consultation with clients based across the globe. His clients range from major projects and international brands, to tiny start-ups to private residential and commercial projects.

His work has been included on BoBedre, Interior+Design, Audi Magazine, Touch Decor, RUM, Fesco Life, Elle Decor, Icon, Interni, Azure, Made, Dwell, Complot, Repubblica, Diseno Interior, Gioia Casa and lots more.