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Founded in Britian, Established & Sons embodies everything that is original in modern design. They have become known and valued as the company that promotes individual expression. As such, those passionate about design refer to Established & Sons product collection in order to gain inspiration for lighting with elegance and character.

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Established & Sons Corona
Established & Sons Corona

The brand has supported, created, and manufactured designs by some of the top, current designers. They have also fostered the livelihoods of several young designers. Established & Sons remains eager to offer liberty to the designers and craftsmen they partner with. As such, they produce innovative, advanced concepts that progress into extraordinary pieces of lighting and furniture.

Established & Sons showcases works that maintain the ability to astonish, confront, and broaden current constraints. Selected by collectors to offer a piece and topic of discussion, a few of the works confront the use of technological material along with the laws of physics. Others include style, humour, and a journey to be shared. This involves a story of various design methods and conversations combining while a designer tests and continues to cultivate their design style.

Depending on talented craftsmen along with advanced production methods, the creations are tremendously distinct, yet unified in their aim to be somewhat bizarre. Established & Son’s lamps seek to start international design trends while representing the fundamental character, elegance, and distinctiveness of London. Naturally, as this is the base of the brand.