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Frama is situated in central Copenhagen in the famous, safeguarded region of Nyboder. Previously the location of St. Paul’s Pharmacy founded in the 1800s, the building maintains its original woodwork and architectural design.

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The collaboration of old and new evident in their location follows through in all Frama’s lamps and other products. The brand has become known for its emphasis on incorporating both traditional and modern approaches in its design work. This has resulted in a mix between digital and analogue construction.

Frama products place attention on compact materials with natural polishes and basic geometry. The products forming their collection, including Frama lamps, showcase a ‘back to basics’ approach. This is evident in the authentic and wholesome design style used. To categorize this within typical design standards, one could say Frama falls within the graphical and direct visual method of design.

The company’s Studio Store, still in the phase of being completed, operates as a retail space as well as an area allowing creativity to be unleashed. This is evidence of the company’s core design values. Frama’s studio offers site-particular solutions to design and allows for scenography. Furthermore, architects and consumers are able to form an intimate partnership throughout the design process, from conceptualization right through to product completion.