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HURLU is a new, up-and-coming design agency that was started by Laura Iriart and Arthur Trichelieu. Between the two of them, they possess academic knowledge in architecture, product design, Mechanic level II, and industrial design product management. As such, the two entrepreneurs boast skill in both artistic creation and mechanical industrialization.

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Iriart and Trichelieu’s view on design, based on the current economic and environmental situation, is that it has become somewhat outdated. This is due to the fact that products can no longer simply be nice to look at. Design agencies need to incorporate increased creative thinking to combine aesthetics with practicality. According to HURLU, the end result should be driven by user habits, along with the product’s societal and environmental effect.

The brand prides themselves in basing conceptualization and production of a product to create beauty along with functionality. This can be seen in HURLU’s lamps, which provide a practical distribution of light, while still bearing a unique design style. HURLU is able to maintain this balance throughout their product offering, which ranges from unique cigarette holders to stylish glasses frames to lighting solutions. A motto they live by is “do not create just to create“.