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Lightyears creates and produces superior lamps for both the corporate and consumer markets. Working closely together with top designers and architects, worldwide, the brand has created a collection of contemporary lamps mixing best-practice with something fresh and original.

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Based in Scandinavia, Lightyears views light, practicality, and beauty as a essential aspects combined to form the basis of their designs. They are dedicated to abiding by the “form follows function” message. As such, Lightyears’ lamps are aesthetically pleasing to look at, yet provide practical light distribution for the enjoyment and advantage of the user.

Lightyears lamps are made from the following materials: copper, steel, glass, and acrylic. These result in an ageless design providing surety of long-lasting usage and next to no maintenance.

Founded in 2005, Lightyears has, since 2015, been part of Fritz Hansen A/S, a high-class brand with a goal to develop ageless design. Lightyears’ lamps are now offered in over 60 countries and have been included in the interior design of restaurants, hotels, business headquarters, retail outlets, and residential houses, worldwide. Together with Fritz Hansen A/S, Lightyears’ mission is to become a niche company within the international industry of design, luxury, and lifestyle. As a partnership, both Fritz Hansen A/S and Lightyears stand by the belief that high-quality furniture and lamps can improve the look and feel of every space.

The brand’s team consists of 19 employees across Aarhus, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Munich. Their collection of lamps includes pendants, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, and outdoor lamps.