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Since the beginning of her design career, Margje Teeuwen has been fascinated by the beauty of shapes that originate by crumbling paper. It inspired her to design a collection of tailor-made lights. Her encounter with designer Erwin Zwiers, formed a new source of inspiration. Always experimenting with new materials, he came across a multifunctional non woven plastic, which was ideal for designing a light. So independent from one-another, they were working on a similar light-object and instead of competing they decided to join forces.

The result of their collaboration is a unique product. A lamp in the shape of a crumbled piece of paper, made of recyclable nonwoven material. Each lamp is pre-shaped by Margje and Erwin, but the unique features of the material allow the lamp to be reshaped over and over again, by the new owner. Anyone can tailor the shape of a “proplamp” to its wishes.

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Proplamp Pendant
Proplamp Pendant
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Proplamp Wall Lamp
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Margje Teeuwen

Margje Teeuwen redefines the tension between the emotional shape and the applicability of a design. Instead of focusing on functional demands, she creates designs and products that tell a story. Shapes originate in her heart and soul and she than challenges the observer to abandon rationality and embrace a new found world. She found her own company, productmargje, 15 years ago after obtaining her degree in Architectural Design and ending her career as Olympic hockey player. In a quest for freedom, she disconnected herself from authority, rules, and preset shapes. Painting offered her independence, more so than product design. Her paintings, known as “soul on canvas” are made with unique materials and have been publicly displayed at numerous galleries.

After a decade of independent work, the desire to design products returned, but from a new set of self made rules. She sees Architecture as functional art, therefore many of her designs are custom-made for her clients. Her designs often have an unexpected double function. Ranging from an unfolding bag/blanket to a walking table. Her furniture features a balance between esthetics, functionality and emotion. Her strength is to take the ultimate shape as point of departure and then, and only then, find the technical solutions required to produce the design.

Erwin Zwiers

Erwin Zwiers is a creator by nature.

The paintings and constructions he created as kid, were an expression of his never ending curiosity. Erwin is fascinated and inspired by materials with strong properties. The exploration of newly discovered materials in his own experimental way, often leads to ideas that signal the start for new products and objects. To gain knowledge about materials and production techniques, he followed a training to become furniture designer at HMC Amsterdam from 2001 until 2005. His eagerness for more depth in design wasn’t tempered.

So he continued studying Product design at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht from 2005 until 2009. There he further developed his own methods and style. His acclaimed graduation project leaded to many national and international exhibitions. After his studies he started Studio Erwin Zwiers to continue creating beautiful products and objects. His collection Twisted was successfully received by press and architects and lead to multiple collaborations, including a presentation at Salone Del Mobile 2012 in Milan with the renowned Italian furniture brand Poliform. Today, Studio Erwin Zwiers presents an independent collection of products that are developed and produced in his workshop. Quality and flexibility are guaranteed by this way of working.