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Sometimes nature gives you that feeling of ultimate freedom. Weltevree understands that.

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This Dutch product and brand name that prides itself on developing and innovating on high quality
products and designs. Each one of their products are 100 percent original and have been
perfected in a way to meet your needs and desires.

Weltevree was developed by Floris Schoonderbeek and Dick van Hoff, who had a desire to not
only take the intensely creative products to the streets, but also to make them available for the
entire world to purchase and enjoy.

What sets this brand apart from the rest is that their products are not only to be enjoyed by looking
at them, but also to experience them. Each one of their products comes with a sense of quality,
functionality and opulence.

The brand uses honest and natural materials found in nature, which makes for a transparent
production, which is rare to find in this industry. And this, specifically, is what the brand prides their
name on. They like to accentuate the fact that their designs are not only unique, but also are
intended for specific use and show a natural origin.

Their product line goes way above and beyond simple lights. They have created anything and
everything you can think of when you are looking for a product for the outdoors. They have a
Dutschtub, a Patio High Back, a Guidelight, Wheelbench, an Outdoorover, a Fieldchair, Dutschtub
made of wood, and Outdooroven in the XL size, a Forestry Table, with a Forestry bench, a 2-3
seater Patiobench and an Easy Chair, a Swing, a Dutschtub Loveseat, a Beach Chair and Rocker,
Sheepscoat, a Stringlight, a 4-5 seater for a Patiobench and a Patio Side Table.

This collection also goes above and beyond what is stated here, but Weltevree has all the perfect
products for your outdoor endeavors.