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Roberto Ziliani founded SLAMP in 1994. His goal in developing the brand was to build something fresh and different within the Italian design industry. This involved a brand that could manufacture superior lamps that would be aesthetically pleasing, from a design perspective, as well as of the utmost quality regarding their engineering. Ziliani desired products made of original, advanced materials, which had never before been used and would come to be known as SLAMP’s approach.

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Slamp lighting

In order to achieve his purpose, Ziliani partnered with some of the world’s top designers. These included Mendini, Cibic, Dalisi, Garro, and Munari. As such, the ‘SLAMP Tube’ was created in a variety of design forms.

Since these collaborations, SLAMP has continued to expand. Currently, it is one of the most demonstrative companies in the design lighting industry. For designers wanting to showcase their talents through an exclusive, unique, available product, SLAMP is the answer.

SLAMP is based on a passion for innovative materials, experimentation, and being confident in one’s design beliefs, yet always via revolutionary industrial solutions. The brand seeks to combine inspiration from the classics with passion and talent from contemporary times. As Ziliani states, “every day is the first day of creation”.

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