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Zangra is manufacturer of its own range of Zangra products and is also distributor and reseller of old and new home accessories, lighting, stationary, textile cable, porcelain knobs and handles, porcelain lighting switches and other well-sourced bits and pieces.

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Zangra lighting

2008 - the beginnings
By renovating La Maison Blanche, an old hotel-restaurant dating from 1850 and located in the Belgian Ardennes, architect Eve Van Dyck and designer Thierry Donnay are attracted by switches, sockets and appliques made of porcelain, all of epoch. A porcelain wall lamp attracts their attention, thanks to its simplicity and aesthetics. After having sought - without success - a similar model available on the market, they are inspired by this porcelain wall lamp to create a lamp that retains the aesthetic but today's electric standards. Thus the model Light001 is born.

The tone is given: they draw other models in porcelain: rosettes, sockets, sconces, ceiling lights. And in the stride zangra is created.

zangra quickly became a technical porcelain distributor. zangra re-launches porcelain plants in Europe models whose production was stopped decades ago but still have their molds.

From 2010 zangra expands its range of products: bathroom items, porcelain hardware, household items. While maintaining the same philosophy: the search for simple, authentic and functional products.

Over time, zangra has specialized in the supply of decorative objects and light fixtures for hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, public places.

zangra business philosophy produces and distributes quality products using durable materials such as porcelain. We are aware that the products are manufactured in Europe.
The operational center is located in the countryside, in the Belgian Ardennes. zangra does not have a "physical" shop but operates with a network of resellers all over the world and sells directly to individuals and professionals.
In 2014, zangra opened a branch in France with a French VAT and an administrative office in the Lille region (not open to the public)
In 2017, zangra opened an office in Antwerp, welcoming by appointment professionals wishing to discuss projects.

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