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Brokis Shadows

Brokis Shadows

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Brokis Shadows Set

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Brokis Muffins Table / Floor Lamp

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Brokis Whistle

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Brokis Mona Pendant

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Buy garden lights online

At Lamptwist we can also provide you with outdoor lighting. In our catalog we have garden lights of different sorts, with different goals. For example outdoor wall lights, outdoor table lamps or even outdoor sensor lights. We are also up to date with the latest technolog...


Outdoor Lighting 

  • Outdoor Wall Lights
    Outdoor Wall Lights

    Outdoor lamps can vary greatly in size and shape and are usually picked for their practicality over their look. A lot of the time outdoor wall lamps are made from a metal such as copper with a tempered glass finish, but there are many other materials that can be used to make outdoor wall lights as well.

    Because outdoor wall lights sit nicely against your exterior wall, they are intended to stay out of the way while providing adequate lighting. This is why they’re typically minimalistic, yet stylish enough to go with almost any exterior styling. While copper is a nice look against most exterior wall materials, there is a risk that it will tarnish over time, depending on how exposed the lamp is. Outdoor wall lamps are made to light up a certain outside area, similar to spotlights. However, unlike spotlights, outdoor wall lights cannot be adjusted.

  • Outdoor Pendants
    Outdoor Pendants

    Outdoor pendants add a stylish finish when sitting in a comfortable or cosy space. When you are entertaining outdoors, you want a light that is going to both illuminate and look good at the same time. An outdoor pendant is a type of light that mixes practicality with aesthetics to match the exterior design of your home.

    Outdoor pendants can be suitable for damp, dry, or wet locations, depending on where you want to have them installed. They can look great on their own or in a group, so it all depends on the size of the space you want to light up. Because outdoor pendants come in such unique sizes and styles, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the space before choosing a design. Outdoor pendants can also come with UV stabilized paint to make them last longer in the elements.

  • Outdoor Floor Lamps
    Outdoor Floor Lamps

    If you have a barbeque area or a path that leads to the backyard or even down to the driveway, you’ll want outdoor floor lamps to guide your footing. Outdoor floor lamps can vary greatly in size, depending on what you need them for. If you need outdoor floor lamps to illuminate a pathway, then you will prefer them to be small and insignificant. They need to be out of the way but bright enough to light up the path. 

    Alternatively, you may want to use outdoor floor lamps to set the mood for an outdoor entertaining area. If you have an outside table and chairs with a barbeque, you'll want to be able to see what you're doing when it gets dark without being too blinded by the light. Outdoor floor lamps can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, without getting in the way too much.

  • Outdoor Spotlights
    Outdoor Spotlights

    Outdoor spotlights are similar to indoor ones as their intention remains the same – to highlight a particular location or object. If you plan on having outdoor spotlights, then the purpose could be to highlight a piece of landscaping or exterior of the home at night. Spotlights are excellent for creating an ambiance that draws attention to certain features outside.

    It's important to remember that the number of outdoor spotlights you require depends on the size of your roofing and what you want to highlight. Spotlights have a limited reach as well, so keep this in mind when considering an outdoor spotlight for the garden.

  • Outdoor Table Lamps
    Outdoor Table Lamps

    One of the best ways to set the mood in your garden is through outdoor table lamps. Again, if you have an entertainment area set up outside for balmy summer evenings, you'll want to get the lighting right. What's interesting about outdoor table lamps is that they can either be electric or powered by battery, so if you don't have the means of plugging in table lamps outside, you can still benefit from some illumination around the table.

    Outdoor table lamps can be made from a variety of different materials, including bronze and wood. While practicality is important here, aesthetics are even more so as you want your outdoor table lamp to fit into the exterior design of your entertainment area. The best part about outdoor table lamps is that they come with all the comforts of an outdoor lamp while remaining ruggedly durable and portable.

  • Outdoor Ceiling Lamps
    Outdoor Ceiling Lamps

    Outdoor ceiling lights are the perfect compliment for your garden, yard, patio or outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to create a relaxed cafe style vibe over your decking, table and chairs, or planning to create a space where you can have all of your friends or family round, outdoor ceiling lamps and lights could be your solution.

    Coming in a range of shapes, sizes and tones, we offer a versatile range of outdoor ceiling lamps that can achieve your desired effect. Despite being made from various materials all of these products are made to withstand the elements, ensuring that you can enjoy your garden all year and not have to worry about the changing weather.

    Outdoor ceiling lights work great by themselves, lighting the space and achieving your desired effects on their own. Alternatively, they could be installed as a two or paired with another ceiling in order to cover a larger area. They can also help compliment other kinds of outdoor lighting, working great in combination with string lights or bollard lights, depending on the size, shape and feel of your garden.

  • Outdoor String Lights
    Outdoor String Lights

    Outdoor string lights are a great way of lighting up your garden or patio whilst maintaining a calm relaxing ambience. If you’re looking for some background lighting for a late evening garden party then string lights produced specifically for outdoor use are perfect for your requirements.

    These can be fixed along a wall or above a section of your garden that you’d like to add a certain accent to. They can also be used to light a larger area and look particularly impressive when stretched over your heads above the garden patio.

    These lights come in different colours and shapes, depending on the look you’re aiming for. Our brighter clear string lights are ideal for brightening up your garden, useful for creating a certain vibrance whilst allowing people to enjoy the garden at night, whatever the situation.

    Our colourful lights are great if you want to add an extra tone to a corner of your garden and provide an excellent setting for a garden party or gathering in your backyard. Whilst colourful string lights certainly have a way of making your space feel more cosy, they can also be used as to create an impressive setting and background for a having a few people round.

  • Bollard Lights
    Bollard Lights

    With bollard lights, you can combine overhead and ground-level lights to create the ultimate ambiance around the exterior of your home. Bollards help you create the best of both worlds. Bollard lights are lights that have been placed on a bollard. A bollard is a post that is located somewhere to create a boundary. An example of this is placing bollards around the edge of your garden to separate the driveway.

    When lights are placed on the bollards, you can increase the effectiveness of the barrier that it represents. You can also illuminate landscaping in the garden as well as the pathway from the driveway to the front door. It's vital that you have a way of showing people where to walk so that they don't walk through the grass or the garden. Bollards are also important for marking out where your driveway is so that people don't confuse the grass for a place to park. Additionally, if you have some impressive landscape in your garden and want to draw attention to it, you can place a boundary of bollards around the exterior.

    Bollard lights come in many different shapes, sizes and of course styles. A Louver bollard is when the light is directed towards the ground, and the bulb is hidden from sight. This is an excellent option if you want to illuminate a pathway or some landscaping in your yard.

    Alternatively, there is the option of having a standard cone reflector bollard. This is when the light shines 360 degrees, so everything is illuminated equally. If you want the light to only be reflected out and down, try using a specialized cone reflector bollard. This can also help to reduce how much light pollution your bollard emits and minimizes any glare. Lastly, try a type V glass reflector bollard if you want a more intense lighting look. This type of bollard is also preferable if you're going to spread them out and use less overall.

    When you're deciding where to place your bollards in the garden, try to stagger them and keep the line a little random. If it's too straight, it's going to look staged. If you like the idea of them adding to the aesthetic of your garden, try installing them in a zig-zag pattern for random yet appealing illumination.

  • Solar Garden Lights
    Solar Garden Lights

    If you’re conscious of the environment and are looking for ways to reduce your impact, solar garden lights could be a good option. Solar garden lights are lights that are staked into the ground. This stake will come attached with a solar panel that will use energy from the sun to charge the lights during the day. At night, once the bulbs have been charged, a light sensor will turn them on, and they will illuminate your exterior.

    When using solar garden lights, it's vital that you think carefully about placement and location. This is because your solar lights will need to be able to charge during the day, so they need to be in direct sunlight. Most solar garden lights require at least eight hours of sunlight to last through the night, so you want to make sure that they have access to as much sun as possible. You also need to find a good place to install your foundation stakes. Soft dirt is ideal because you can simply push the stake in, but if the ground is a bit tougher, you may need to use a hammer. If you don't place the stakes at an even distance, then your solar garden lights are going to come up at different heights.

    Solar garden lights are an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional garden lights and come in a variety of different designs from the elaborate to the simple.

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