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  • Fatboy Bolleke
    85,00 € In stock
    Fatboy’s Bolleke is a hanging lamp that performs a variety of functions, one of them being illumination. The lamp is wireless, powerful, and rechargeable. Due to the ingenious design, which includes a suitable loop, the Bolleke lamp is extremely user-friendly. 
  • Fatboy Edison The Mini Set of 3
    149,00 € In stock
    Fatboy Edison the Mini Set of Three is best described as a true and real power trio. The compact and small size of this mini table will allow you to place it just wherever you want, whether outdoors or outdoors. These strong mini lamps can handle and accommodate some rain. Therefore, you don’t have to worry yourself if they get wet.
  • Fatboy Transloetje
    89,00 € Delivery time: 1-2 weeks
    Fatboy’s Transloetje is a table lamp with an individual form. While, from the outside, it may seem like an outdated lamp design, it contains an energy efficient LED light bulb. 
  • &Tradition Setago JH27 Portable Table Lamp
    94,62 € 111,32 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Are you looking for a unique table lamp that prioritizes flexibility and adaptability? Look no further than &Tradition Setago JH27 Portable Table Lamp. This cordless table lamp is quite adaptable and perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses.
  • &Tradition Lucca Portable Table Lamp
    116,22 € 136,73 € -15% In stock
    & Tradition Lucca Portable Table Lamp is all you need if you are looking for a lightweight or handy table lamp to illuminate your space. This lamp is great for for producing welcoming, homey ambience inside or outside your home or office. It is suitable for any purpose or space.
  • Zangra Waterproof Porcelain Lamp Glass
    11,55 € Delivery time: 2 weeks
    This waterproof lamp has been designed and developed by Zangra, and is part of the porcelain wall and ceiling collection. Ideal to use in a bathroom.
  • Slide Cubo Outdoor
    143,99 € 169,40 € -15% Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    Reduced price!
    The Cube is multifunctional. You can use it as a stool or as side table and is thus ideal for use when enjoying an aperitif or even to use as a nightstand. There is a normal version on plug and a LED version with battery. The LED version uses rechargeable batteries that last 8 hours and you don't need a cable to light the lamp. With the LED version you...
  • Fatboy Edison
    69,00 € In stock
    Table and Floor Lamp Fatboy Edison for Outdoor or Indoor use. 3 Differents Sizes Edison the Petit : 25 cm  Edison the Medium : 51 cm Edison the Grand : 90 cm
  • Astro Kos round Lamp
    68,85 € 81,00 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Reduced price!
    KOS is ceiling SPOT with IP65 protection. This spot is ideal for bathroom or outside covered terrace.
  • Slide Design Globo Outdoor floor lamp
    87,42 € 102,85 € -15% In stock
    Floor lamp that create a warm light ambience. The lamps is protected for outdoor use (IP55)
  • Slide Design Lightree Outdoor
    82,28 € 96,80 € -15% In stock
    Reduced price!
    This Lightree is a floorlamp that re-interprets the traditional Christmas tree. It adds a special light and colour to the Christmas atmosphere. The lamp fits all rooms and spaces, because it exists in various sizes: 45, 100, 150 or 200cm height. It is available in 3 colors: traditional green, warm red or snow white.This lamp also exist in a version for...
  • Artemide Dioscuri Wall/Ceiling Lamp
    106,25 € 125,00 € -15% In stock
    The Artemide Dioscuri Wall Lamp / Ceiling Lamp has a quiet design yet can create a powerful aesthetic with it round shape, adding a playful touch to it calmness.
  • Forestier Take Away Portable Lamp
    180,00 € Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    If you are looking for a portable and easy-to-use lamp that brings an inviting allure to different areas of your home, look no further than the Forestier Take Away Portable Lamp. This lamp stands out because it skillfully combines modern design and natural materials to produce high-quality lighting.
  • Martinelli Luce Kiki Chain of Outdoor Lamps
    425,92 € 532,40 € -20% In stock
    Reduced price!
    There is no other unique and extraordinary way to illuminate the open spaces of your home than with the Martinelli Luce Kiki Chain of Outdoor Lamps. They are the best on the market for creating sophisticated and thrilling lighting effects for your home interior and décor.
  • Astro Chios 80
    38,40 € 48,00 € -20% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The wall lamp Chios 80 is a modern lighting which light any outdoor room. Easy, its suit to any wall surface. 
  • Faro Outdoor wall lamp with directable wings
    97,75 € 115,00 € -15% In stock
    This wall lamp with a quite unique design is made for outdoor spaces. Like a little luminous box, this lamp is perfect for lighting up terraces, gardens and front houses.
  • Maiori La Lampe Petite Solar Table Lamp
    250,75 € 295,00 € -15% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    A fresh new style of pop and color, the modern Maiori La Lampe Petite Solar Table Lamp is ready to be used without electricity. Completely efficient and modern and easy to move from area to area.
  • Astro Chios 150 Wall Lamp
    67,76 € 84,70 € -20% In stock
    Reduced price!
    Astro Chios 150 outdoor architectural wall light.  Up&Down light effect, indirect lighting.  IP44  3 colors available
  • Designerbox Elo Portable lamp (limited edition)
    50,15 € 59,00 € -15% In stock
    Elo is a portable lamp imagined by designer Bina Baitel and Leroy Merlin in close collaboration with Designerbox. Elo plays with appearances by putting light in a bottle and abolishing the boundaries between inside and outside. Nomadic and tactile, the modular light source can be user-friendly or intimate but always welcoming, and warmly follows the...
  • Faro Bu-Oh Wall lamp
    147,90 € 174,00 € -15% In stock
    The Bu-Oh LED White Wall Lamp is created for the functionality of lighting up any outdoor area. Small enough to fit into any theme, this wall lamp is a great addition that is conspicuous enough to not draw too much attention, but strong enough to make a difference in lighting in an outdoor situation and during any occasion.
  • Fatboy Thierry Le Swinger
    219,00 € In stock
    Fatboy’s Thierry le Swinger is a LED lamp with various functionalities. It is provided with a line which makes hanging it from almost any point effortless. This could be from a parasol, tree branch, or railing. The second option, however, is to secure the Thierry le Swinger light into the ground by making use of the beach wood stand which is specifically...
  • Astro Kos Square Lamp
    91,80 € 108,00 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Reduced price!
    KOS is ceiling SPOT with IP65 protection. This spot is ideal for bathroom or outside covered terrace.
  • Fermob Mooon Lamp
    106,25 € 125,00 € -15% In stock
    Mooon! is equally at home indoors or outdoors, on a table or pedestal table, as mood lighting or a bedside lamp. It makes the ideal companion for sociable meals and gentle evenings alike.
  • Faro Take Away Portable LED lamp
    131,75 € 155,00 € -15% In stock
    This very handy portable lamp has been imagined and designed by Nahtrang. With its modern and funny design, it will quickly become an essential in everyone’s house.
  • Kartell Space Portable Outdoor Table Lamp
    217,00 € In stock
    The Petite and pleasingly shaped Kartell Space Portable Outdoor Table Lamp is an ideal addition to any outdoor dining table. It has a rechargeable point with color-changing attribute that allows you to light up your outdoor space with a certain color or set it to automatically cycle through the rainbow.
  • &Tradition Como SC53 Wireless Table Lamp
    139,88 € 164,56 € -15% In stock
    Unique and matchless table lamp such as &Tradition Como SC53 Table Lamp is the lighting fixture you need to light up your home or office space. It has all the essential and ground-breaking features that make it one of the leading products on the market.
  • Slamp Lafleur Battery Table Lamp
    226,27 € 266,20 € -15% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    When designing the Lafleur portable table lamp for Slamp, Marc Sadler was driven by a desire to go beyond the familiar. The delicate, delightful and rechargeable battery-powered Lafleur table lamp is formed by heating the material Lentiflex® to a controlled temperature and then shaping it by hand to create the blossom.
  • Fatboy Tjoepke Smart Mobile Table Lamp
    55,00 € Delivery time: 1-2 weeks
    Fatboy "Tjoepke" is a small portable table lamp on Battery. Available in 5 colors, Dimmable + Candle effect mode Can be used Outdoor or Indoor. 
  • Slide Fiaccola Ali Baba Outdoor Standing Lamp
    380,54 € 447,70 € -15% Delivery: 3 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Nice exterior standing lamp looking as a classical inside shade. Made in Italy in polyethylene (LLDPE) 100% recyclable.  Ideal to light up your terrace or your garden lounge during the summer
  • Weltevree Stringlight
    345,00 € In stock
    The ambient lighting produced from the Weltevree Stringlight transcends any aura into a warm environment. With just the installment of the stringed light lamps, the desired area can be transformed from a plain setting to a nice and cozy place to settle down.
  • Seletti Bella Vista Clear Lamp
    114,75 € 135,00 € -15% In stock
    Seletti’s Bella Vista lighting series consists of a set of ten lights available in four different color variations. These include the following: clear, pink, white, and black. These lights can be used in both interior and exterior spaces. They add the perfect ‘café’ vibe to any area in which they are placed. 
  • Astro Aqua Single
    78,40 € 98,00 € -20% In stock
    Spot Aqua Single IPP with a 360° rotation. Its look industrial design is perfect for any modern space. 
  • Zangra String Light
    73,18 € 86,10 € -15% Delivery time: 2 weeks
    Reduced price!
    This string light is perfect to settle a festive atmosphere on your terrace but also in your home. This strings are connectable end-to-end so that you can easily lengthen it. It is available with a black or a white cable, and the light bulbs are either clear or colored.
  • Kartell Lantern Portable Lamp
    214,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    A different type of portable lamp, the Kartell Lantern Portable Lamp is transparent, and completely different. The lights play with shadows in their unique design. It is perfect for use in any type of space.
  • Bel Lighting Swapi Floor Lamp
    236,55 € 278,30 € -15% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Gardern LED light on plug ideal to light your plants and flowerbed.  It can be also used to light some path Symmetric diffusion luminaire with spike for ground fixing  SWAPI is made in copper, brass or anodized aluminum Integrated LED 6W - 500 lumens - 2700K (Warm Light) MADE IN BELGIUM
  • Bel Lighting Indy Bollard LED
    317,81 € 373,89 € -15% Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
    Reduced price!
    Design and very qualitative Bollard for illuminating your pathway or parking Integrated LED 9,5W - 1100 Lumens - 2700K (Warm Light) - Driver includes (220V connection) 2 sizes and 3 metal/colors variant  Option : Spike for ground  MADE IN BELGIUM
  • Faro Argus Portable LED Lamp
    158,39 € 186,34 € -15% In stock
    It is rarely that a portable lamp delivers such glorious lighting. This meticulous design will definitely make you fall in love with this spectacular lamp. The Faro Argus Portable Table Lamp is where it's all at.
  • Kartell Big Battery Portable Table Lamp
    189,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    It is rarely that a portable lamp delivers such glorious lighting. This meticulous design will definitely make you fall in love with this spectacular lamp. The Kartell Big Battery Portable Table Lamp is where it's all at.
  • Kartell Kabuki Floor Lamp
    929,00 € Delivery: 3-4 weeks
    If you are looking for a floor lamp made with unbelievable attention to detail, it is Kartell Kabuki floor lamp. The lamp can be customized easily and the structure is available in different plastic finishes.
  • Martinelli Luce Trily Outdoor Pendant Lamp
    174,24 € 217,80 € -20% In stock
    Reduced price!
    The Martinelli Luce Trilly Pendant Lamp is an outdoor lamp that comes with a simpleshape. Your lighting arsenal is not yet complete without this outdoor lamp. Trilly outdoor pendant lamp installs flawlessly over your sofas, your garden table, or a bar!
  • Les Jardins Tinka Portable Solar Table Lamp
    101,15 € 119,00 € -15% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    If all you want is a budget-friendly, cost-effective, and clever lighting fixture, then make the Les Jardins Tinka Portable Tinka Solar Table Lamp your number one choice. The portability nature of this solar-powered lighting lamp makes it perfect for the hospitality, spas, resorts, and restaurants.
  • Slide Pivot Outdoor
    462,82 € 544,50 € -15% In stock
    Reduced price!
    The Pivot lamp is a floor lamp with a cone shaped base combined with a soft hat inspired by the Ali Babà stool. The Pivot livens up all kinds of spaces, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Weltevree Guidelight
    98,00 € Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The Guidelight, by Floris Schoonderbeek a designer, entrepreneur and concept developer, is just one of his innovative designs, built on practicality and honed by his love of camping. The Guidelight has been deemed as a flashlight, a work light and an outlet for ambient lighting, all in one.
  • Fatboy Rockcoco
    599,00 € In stock
    Fatboy’s Rockcoco Transparent is the first chandelier lighting solution that is able to be used in exterior spaces. Hang it above your jacuzzi area, or on your patio to provide a funky, retro feel. You can, however, also hang it inside above your dining room table, or in your living area.
  • Roger Pradier La Hutte outdoor lamp
    520,00 € Delivery time: 3-4 weeks
    The “La Hutte” lamp has been designed by Matali Crasset for the brand Roger Pradier. She drew her inspiration from the shape of a primitive hut, a circular shelter with the fire in its center, represented by the light of the bulb.
  • Astro Ascoli Four Bar
    269,10 € 336,38 € -20% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Reduced price!
    The Astro Ascoli Four Bar steals the show by not only providing maximum light but also adds an elegant touch where it is placed. The dimmable mode and directional light will allow you to cheer up or relax according to your mood while making your ceiling look stylish as well.
  • DCW Editions Gras n°304 Classic Outdoor
    402,14 € 473,11 € -15% Delivery: 2-4 weeks
    DCW Gras n°304 classic outdoor is a wall lamp ready for all weather conditions!
  • Maiori La Lampe Pose Solar Table Lamp
    126,65 € 149,00 € -15% In stock
    Simple and efficient, the Maiori La Lampe Pose Solar Table Lamp is a completely portable, simple and efficient lamp. Simple and elegant all in one, perfect for the modern space.
  • Astro Ava 300 Wall Lamp
    194,57 € 243,21 € -20% In stock
    The Astro Ava 300 Wall Lamp promises you everything you would ever want from a lamp with the addition of elegance and grace. With its durable materials that are environmentally friendly, this wall lamp is the market leader that puts health of its users, environment conservation and energy efficiency in its very design.
  • Faro Cage Portable LED Floor Lamp
    189,24 € 222,64 € -15% In stock
    The Faro Cage Portable Floor Lamp completely revolutionizes the floor lamp industry by bringing forth a one of a kind piece of art that is not only made from environmentally friendly materials but also guarantees service delivery. With this floor lamp, you do not have to look any further for perfection as this is where it lies.
  • Martinelli Luce Kiki Cordless Outdoor Portable Lamp
    119,06 € 148,83 € -20% In stock
    When it comes to illuminating and lighting up your space, there is no lamp that can be compared with the Martinelli Luce Kiki Cordless Outdoor Table Lamp. It is produced from Black Resin base and features polyethylene diffuser, and red handle that makes it easier to be carried about.
  • Slide Design Lightree Outdoor 150CM
    246,84 € 290,40 € -15% Product available with different options
    Reduced price!
    Product available with different options
    This Lightree is a floorlamp that re-interprets the traditional Christmas tree. It adds a special light and colour to the Christmas atmosphere. The lamp fits all rooms and spaces, indoor and outdoor. It is available in 3 colors: traditional green, warm red or snow white.
  • Faro Fuji Portable Lamp
    210,79 € 247,99 € -15% In stock
    Fuji is chameleonic: An Indoor and Outdoor portable lamp, a table lamp, and a suspension using a hook, a portable and a removable lamp. Make it yours!
  • In-es.artdesign Ex Moon
    378,25 € 445,00 € -15% Delivery: 3 weeks.
    Reduced price!
    Get a little closer to the moon This mesmerizing lamp is inspired by the moon, it's lunar matter is emphasized by the texture of the material Nebulite®. The Ex Moon lamp is metaphoric and creates an efficient and functional light source as well as an atmospherical and evocative lighting.
  • Gacoli Table Monroe
    161,46 € 189,95 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Powered by the sun The robust Gacoli-designed outdoor lamps for your garden or balcony obtain all their energy from nature and do not need any electricity, which means they're fully wireless.
  • Sammode Musset GR
    509,15 € 599,00 € -15% Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Truly modern and sophisticated, the Sammonde Musset GR is the lighting for technological design lovers. With the steel and glass design, available in three finishes, it will make any space one of a kind.
  • Nemo Borne Beton
    699,38 € 822,80 € -15% Delivery time: 4 weeks
    Reduced price!
    The Borne Beton, a prestigious and versatile product, is known firsthand for its versatility and viable options for available decoration both indoor and outdoor of your home.
  • Oluce Stones Outdoor
    285,92 € 336,38 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Reduced price!
    The multiple lamp variations associated under Stone Outdoors combine flair, style and functionality when creating a perfect collection to combine with one another or to use separately to create a relaxing and fitting outdoor ambience to any home or style.
  • Faro Loud LED Portable Speaker
    70,55 € 83,00 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    The LOUD LED Portable lamp with speaker is built and designed for any outdoor circumstance, scenery and setting. The orange handle is an addition of the lamp for the innovation of portability in so that it can be carried with ease, much like that of a water bottle.
  • Faro Versus Table Lamp
    182,56 € 214,77 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    This all-white table lamp from Spain is a perfect addition to any simple, modern styled home looking to keep the theme of a house, garden or room looking in mint and clean condition.
  • Faro Nuk Portable Lamp
    92,65 € 109,00 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    This portable lamp is not only fashionable in design, it is practical in its weight, form and shape. It is a perfect fit for outdoor or indoor usage. It can spruce up any outdoor veranda or garden for night time use, or can give an indoor display modern yet practical style.
  • Faro Balda
    109,65 € 129,00 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Reduced price!
    The Balda-G White special lamp is ingeniously simple enough to be conspicuously placed anywhere around or outside your home, but bright and practical enough to make all the difference in the world.
  • Faro Bu-Oh Beacon
    198,05 € 233,00 € -15% Delivery: 1-2 weeks
    Reduced price!
    The Beacon Bu-Oh is a small, compacting lamp that is designed for not only practicality, but for the traveling and non-materialistic wanderer. One that looks for functionalism rather than aesthetic appeal, though the beacon lamp does offer both.
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