“We are a generation of people that is shifting away from disposable goods and moving towards object of quality, craftsmanship and meaning…”

We work with superior quality products made by designers and manufacturers.

Quality of light affects people in many different ways. A good lighting will positively impact your every day mood and enhance desirability of your interior. On top of the quality requirements we try to focus on products with a purpose. Behind each item we sell, there are real stories from real people. Buying these products is not just owning more stuff, it’s about diving into new experiences and being involved with creation.

Fueling small companies and achieving a fairer price for everyone

You are not buying from a big retailer chain where the profit is shared between investors and shareholders and not with the makers, designers, employees. The money you will spend on Lamptwist is going directly from your pocket to the designer/manufacturer of the lamp with a margin for our team, i.e : a small independent local shop of 3 people. Then buying our products is supporting local people and sustainable businesses.

For commercial places or projects, we do a “lighting design plan” for free!

Our team works in partnership with the Belgium design studio “MarieG”. We create a free plan of a innovative lighting solution that achieves the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. Light is a technically difficulty, yet astonishing medium that requires mastery of varied and continually evolving disciplines. If you need more than just lighting design, everything is possible and we invite you to discover their references.

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