CableCup Hide Ceiling Rose

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Hide those annoying cables that make your ceiling look cluttered and unorganized. The CableCup Hide Ceiling Rose is the perfect solution. It has enough space to hide all unwanted and ugly cables attached to your ceiling.

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Brand: CableCup

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Made in Sweden, the CableCup Hide Ceiling Rose is half spherical type of “plate cover” that you mount in the ceiling to hide any type of socket, cords and / or wires. The CableCup Hide Ceiling Rose has the same patented feature as the original ceiling rose.

The CableCup Hide Ceiling Rose has a feature that allows you turn it inside out and then flip it up towards the ceiling, thus ensuring that it fits just perfectly around what should be unseen.

The CableCup Hide Ceiling Rose has a great feature, can attach it in two different ways. The CableCup Hide Ceiling Rose can be hung by a hook if you have a one, or you can simply bring the flap around the cord and through one of the holes to lock it in. It is easy to be able to attach this to any ceiling.

The CableCup Hide Ceiling Rose is available in black and white, for maximum un-noticeability. The CableCup Hide Ceiling Rose has a height of 54 cm and a 144 cm diameter. It is simply the best way to ignore all those annoying cables on your ceiling.

Data sheet
Material Silicone
Dimensions ⌀: 144mm x H: 54mm
Color Black, White
Designer Jonas Forsman and Lars Wettre
Brand CableCup
Made in Sweden
Weight 78g

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