Design For Macha Stella Cosmos Ceiling Lamp/Wall Lamp

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The Design For Macha Stella Cosmos Ceiling Lamp has completely changed what we think about ceiling lamps. This is a well-designed yet practical lamp that is not only easy to set up but also very durable and with its color selection is able to find your favorite.

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Brand: Design For Macha

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As far as ceiling lamps go, this is a one of a kind. The Design For Macha Stella Cosmos Ceiling Lamp brings not only great design and workmanship into your space but also an eye-catching look. This lamp has several light bulbs attached to a central brass rod with an extra aesthetic design incorporated that distributes light seamlessly while making the lamp look extremely elegant. It also has a great suspension that holds it in place. This lamp is made from durable materials that makes it very environmentally conscious and recyclable. The design is also very unique and sets it apart from other lamps. The Design For Macha Stella Cosmos Ceiling Lamp comes in a variety of sizes. This allows you to have a variety to choose from, all of which can elegantly fit in. The lamps also come in a variety of sizes that can be incorporated into any space. The Design For Macha Stella Cosmos Ceiling Lamp is most ideal for office spaces and practically all spaces available to you. They bring out an elegant glow for dining room spaces and sitting rooms and its elegant glow will inspire greatness.

The Design For Macha Stella Cosmos Ceiling Lamp also consumes far less energy than its other counterparts and this saves its users a lot in electricity bills and minimizes dependence on fossil. With this lamp, you will not have to worry about huge electric bills. The anti-flicker feature of this lamp ensures the user’s eyes are protected and thus remain strong. This lamp is also easy to set up as it is made of only one main component. This ensures that persons from any age group can be able to set it up. The Design For Macha Stella Cosmos Ceiling Lamp is definitely a one of a kind.

Data sheet
Material Brass and Murano glass
Dimensions W: 177 cm x D: 169 cm x H: 22 cm
Color Brass and Opaline
Designer Inspired by Angelo Lelli
Brand Design For Macha
Made in Italy
Light Source LED
Socket type lamp E26 or E27
Max. Watt 100W
Voltage 110V or 220V
Weight 11.6 kg
Remarks A brass rod to lower the lamp down to 150 cm from the ceiling is available. Height is to be defined based on your requirement.

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