Design For Macha Stella Snooker Ceiling Lamp/Wall Lamp

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Pendant lamps are a great addition to any space and most particularly the Design For Macha Stella Snooker Ceiling Lamp. This lamp is a one of a kind that will make your space a relaxing haven to be in. This is definitely the lamp for you.

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Brand: Design For Macha

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Ceiling lamps are a great addition to any space but the Design For Macha Stella Snooker Ceiling Lamp brings a lot more than that. This lamp is had made in Italy, adding on to its beauty.With a central brass rod that holds together two different LED light sources attached to each end, this lamp assures you of an adequate supply of light. This ceiling lamp packs the most of elegance and grace into its design and this makes it among the most sought-after lamps. Being made from locally sought and environmentally friendly, with this lamp, you will be taking part in the conservation efforts. The Design For Macha Stella Snooker Ceiling Lamp has a wide variety of brass finishes to choose from, with a total of 9 different ones available. This gives you a range to choose from, all of which are able to be well incorporated into any space. This ceiling lamp is well suited for places such as bed rooms, dining rooms and sitting rooms. With this lamp, you will no longer have to strain your eyes.

The Design For Macha Stella Snooker Ceiling Lamp is light in weight and can easily be installed. It has one major component in which the bulb is inserted. The brass and Murano glass used in its manufacture is durable and will serve you for many years to come. It also consumes very little amounts of electricity and with this lamp you will not have to worry about high bills. It also produces a consistent glow that is able to be spread all over the room making this lamp a great addition.

Data sheet
Material Brass and Murano glass
Dimensions W: 144 cm x D: 28 cm x H: 22 cm
Color Brass and Opaline
Designer Inspired by Angelo Lelli
Brand Design For Macha
Made in Italy
Light Source LED
Socket type lamp E26 or E27
Max. Watt 100W
Voltage 110V or 220V
Weight 3.2 kg
Remarks A brass rod to lower the lamp down to 150 cm from the ceiling is available. Height is to be defined based on your requirement.

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