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The figurative description in the name of the Oluce Canopy fits the design to the best of its abilities. A canopy, which in this case is speherical, is prosed to be suspended and provides coverage. This suspension lamp truly reveals a new type of personifying design, in which a form is used to not only imitate another object, but also to use the object`s attributions to create a different type of lamp.

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1 255,98 €tax incl.

  • Medium Ø 60 cm
  • Large Ø 90 cm
Livraison: 1-2 weeks

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Brand: Oluce


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The Canopy, by Francesco Rota, is a suspension lamp created out of an actual ceiling plate in its original design. After the first few drawings, the form was changed: colored internally and changed into a reflector. 

The circular lamp is surrounded by a metal disk and emits a soft and glimmer-like light. This is achieved through an indirect fluorescent light that reflects off of a metallic white and bronze color. The aluminum diffuser is also available in white combined with white, white combined with melon and bronze combined with melon. A custom color is also available upon request, and the finishing is possible to be changed or updated. 

The lamp, produced in 2009, is one of Rota`s pieces. The Italian interior and product designer is not only highly recognized through his many world accredited awards, he is also famous for his product design and teaching in Milan, his hometown, at the European Design Institute. The Canopy 422 is one of his many installations. 

The suspension lamp is efficient in concealing the wires from which it hangs. The innovative design also is effective in combining not only the plate form with the light emission, but also of the interior color of the lamp, placed in the inside of the plate. 

The Canopy, inspired by Magistretti`s “Sonora”, is attempting to take off and popularize a form of lamp that has yet been brought to light.

About Oluce

“Established in 1945 by the master Giuseppe Ostuni, Oluce is the oldest Italian lighting design company that is still active today. They have had great success throughout their history by winning many prestigious design awards.”

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Data sheet
MaterialLacquered metal, bronze
DimensionsMedium Ø 60 cm; Large Ø 90 cm
ColorWhite / White, White / Melon, Bronze / White
DesignerFrancesco Rota
Made inItaly
Number of lamps1
Max. Watt55W
Date of design2010

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