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Many veteran artists and designers have proved time and again how simplicity can be the best course of action when you’re trying to make your designs more attractive. That is how the Topan Pendant light embraces its straightforward design and highlights it in a timeless yet distinguished way. It’s a brilliant ode to the simpler side of life with a distinctly characterized design.

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The Topan Pendant light was designed by Verner Panton, who was inspired by the minimalistic side of design that was positively ruling the trendier parts of the twentieth century. He drew the basic form of this design by choosing the most simplistic form – the circle – and articulating the actual light fixture design in a half-elliptical sphere that hangs from a 3 meter cord. The three dimensional interpretation of this design definitely draws the eye by making the overall style look effortlessly elegant and sophisticated.

The Topan Pendant light was specifically designed to complement the interior design of the hotel and restaurant Astoria in Trondheim back in 1960. Therefore, Panton made sure that the design of this pendent light was sufficiently classic and complementary to the textile designs, geometry, walls and even ceilings of the Astoria enterprise.

The Topan Pendant light is available in a number of designs and aesthetics. It comes in grey beige, white, dark green and even deep red color scheme. Its aesthetic versatility and excellent pragmatics make this light one of the best in the &tradition collection.

Data sheet
Material Lacquered aluminium
Dimensions Ø: 21cm x H: 19cm
Weight 0.65 kg.
Color Matt White, Matt Black, Mustard, Light Blue, Red Brown
Cable length 3m
Cable color White, Black, Mustard, Light Blue, Red Brown
Designer Verner Panton
Brand &tradition
Made in Denmark
Date of design 1959
Light Source CFL
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 40W
Power consumption 7W
Technical information E27 max 40 Watt / 7 Watt CFL
Remarks Production: The Topan shade is spunn into shape from a single piece of aluminium using a special set of tools.
The spinning is performed by highly skilled crafts men who have decades of experience producing the Topan pendant.

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