Living Decoration Dechem Studio The Heat Vase

Dechem Studio The Heat Vase

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Dechem Studio The Heat Vase
Dechem Studio The Heat Vase
Dechem Studio The Heat Vase
Dechem Studio The Heat Vase
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  • Experimental work, hand processed in hot room
  • Organically form, changed and melted just using temperature
  • Black vase with original melted form
  • Manufactured in traditional Czech workshops using delicate techniques
  • Each piece is unique

The Dechem Studio The Heat Vase is a hand processed experimental work carried out in a hot shop. The Heat Vase is organically formed piece of glass, showing how archetypal shape of the vase is changed and melted just using temperature. Each piece of the Heat Vase is unique and stands out from the crowd.

The Heat Vase by Dechem Studio is made of glass, making it suitable for decorating any space. The Heat Vase is part of the hand-crafted experimental works of Dechem Studio. This development pays special attention to glass artistry; making the highlight of Dechem Studio collection and the eventual bestseller. Simple but stylish lines of the Heat Vase by Dechem Studio are motivated by ordinary forms of conventional metal container for milk and water.

The Heat Vase is distinguished by its shocking and extraordinary clarity with its glass crafted into contemporary silhouettes that complement modern décor and interior. The Heat Vase is unmovable because it is as strong as a rock. The vase will never succumb to any pressure as it is very strong. It is matchless and unique because it can complement any interior décor – modern or traditional.

About Dechem Studio

Dechem studio was established in Prague in 2012 by Michaela Tomiskova and Jakub Jandourek. Since establishing the studio they have focused on product design and maintained a special focus on glass, exploring traditional Bohemian craft techniques for preparing, gathering, shaping and blowing clear and coloured glass into wooden and metal forms. The glass is then finished with centuries-old techniques, like snapping, grinding and firing, and decorated by the most experienced craftsmen by engraving, cutting and painting.

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Designed by
Dechem Studio
Made in
Czech Republic
1 variant possible
Product Information
Dechem Studio The Heat Vase
  1. Dimensions

    Ø: 20 cm x H: 24 cm
  2. Material

  3. Weight

  4. Glass color

    Black, or smoke grey
  5. Designer

    Dechem Studio

Dechem Studio The Heat Vase