Living Decoration Dechem Studio Vase20 Vase

Dechem Studio Vase20 Vase

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Dechem Studio Vase20
Dechem Studio Vase20
Dechem Studio Vase20
Dechem Studio Vase20
Dechem Studio Vase20
Dechem Studio Vase20

Glass Color

Powder Pink


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The Vase20 is nothing but a timeless signature design piece from Dechem Studio. The longevity and thickness of Vase20 by Dechem Studio is accomplished through the subtle techniques of the olden day’s craft. The Vase20 by Dechem Studio is simply a long-established glass-making decoration piece combined with modern design.

The Dechem Studio Vase20 is a pedestal vase that stands for the reversed conical neck. The decent color gradients and elegant lines of Vase20 by Dechem Studio make the characteristic signature of the Dechem Studio. The glass colors for Vase20 include White Matte, Crystal Clear, Transparent Green, and Powder Pink. Vase20 comes in Big and Small sizes.

In addition, the Dechem Studio Vase20 comes in white with satin matt surface, and it is hand-blown to beech wood moulds. The organic and geometric manner and mixture of beautiful color gradients make the character of Dechem Studio Vase20.

The Vase20 by Dechem Studio is simply an outstanding vase that will decorate your space in a stylish way. The specification for the small size is Ø 14 cm x h 20 cm, 1 kg while that of the big size is Ø 17.5 cm x h 25 cm, 2 kg. The Vase20 also comes in white color combined with satin matt surface. This alone makes it incomparable when placed side by side with other products on the market. Any of the two sizes of the Vase20 will complement any space you want to decorate. No wonder it is adjudged one of the bestseller out there today.

About Dechem Studio

Dechem studio was established in Prague in 2012 by Michaela Tomiskova and Jakub Jandourek. Since establishing the studio they have focused on product design and maintained a special focus on glass, exploring traditional Bohemian craft techniques for preparing, gathering, shaping and blowing clear and coloured glass into wooden and metal forms. The glass is then finished with centuries-old techniques, like snapping, grinding and firing, and decorated by the most experienced craftsmen by engraving, cutting and painting.

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Designed by
Dechem Studio
Made in
Czech Republic
8 variants possible
Product Information
Dechem Studio Vase20
  1. Dimensions

    Big - Ø: 17.5 cm x H: 25 cm; Small - Ø: 14 cm x H: 20 cm
  2. Material

    Hand blown glass
  3. Weight

    Big - 2 kg; Small - 1 kg
  4. Glass color

    White Matte, Crystal Clear, Transparent Green, Powder Pink
  5. Designer

    Dechem Studio

Dechem Studio Vase20 Vase

Powder Pink, Small