Indoor Lighting Table Lamps Marset Mercer Table Lamp

Marset Mercer Table Lamp

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Marset Mercer Table Lamp
Marset Mercer Table Lamp
Marset Mercer Table Lamp
Marset Mercer Table Lamp
Marset Mercer Table Lamp


Pearl white


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The Marset Mercer Table Lamp is one of the most attractive and sought after lamps. This highly fashionable lamp emanates a warm, soft glow inside a very chic glass encasement. It is a complete eye-catcher.

The Marset Mercer Table Lamp was designed by Joan Gaspar and launched by Marset in 2006. The Marcet Mercer Collection is one of the most beautiful and elegant additions yet. The designer, Joan Gaspar designed this extraordinary lamp by fusing different materials. Mercer is a beautiful and elegant lamp. The Marset Mercer Table Lamp features a beautiful “floating” pure textile shade. The shade seamlessly floats inside a transparent blown glass casing. The lamp itself floats atop a blown glass base.

The inner diffuser is available in natural cotton ribbons. The newer version is a more minimal rendition in pearl white. The Marset Mercer Table Lamp is available in three sizes, 38 cm, 29 cm and in 18 cm diameter. It is perfect for any refined space, limited or large. The Mercer Lamp emanates a soft warm glow that eases and relaxes the atmosphere.

The Marset Mercer Suspension is a one of a kind lamp. Joan Gaspar treated the design of the Mercer as a delicate and forward feat. Used in group or alone, the Marset Mercer Table Lamp is one of the most sophisticated lamps. The glass encasement gives the lamp a very chic and sophisticated look that is sure to please anyone who experiences it.

Brands > Marset
Designed by
Joan Gaspar
Made in
5 variants possible
Product Information
Marset Mercer Table Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    Large: Ø: 38 cm X H: 53 cm Medium: Ø: 29 cm X H: 41 cm Mini: Ø: 18 cm X H: 25 cm
  2. Material

    Textile shade that floats inside a transparent blown glass structure. Opal diffuser disc on the upper part.
  3. Socket type lamp

    E27, G9
  4. Number of lamps

    1, 2
  5. Designer

    Joan Gaspar
  6. Remarks

    Base: Large: Ø: 24 cm; Medium: Ø: 18.6 cm; Mini: Ø: 11.3cm

Marset Mercer Table Lamp

Pearl white, Medium