Indoor Lighting Table Lamps Seletti My Little Friday Night

Seletti My Little Friday Night

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Seletti My Little Friday Night

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    Ø: 25.5 cm X H: 26.8 cm

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The Seletti My Little Friday Night is a mystery type lamp. Like a scene out of an eerie movie, the lamp transports us to a mysterious scene. All the small lighting details make us love this unique lamp even more.

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  2. Dimensions

    Ø: 25.5 cm X H: 26.8 cm
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    Input 220 V Output 5 V – 50hz
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Meet the designer

Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, known simply as Marcantonio, is an Italian artist and designer celebrated for his whimsical and surreal creations that blur the lines between art and design. Inspired by nature, mythology, and everyday objects, Marcantonio's work exudes a playful aesthetic characterized by unexpected juxtapositions and surreal elements. Collaborating with various design brands, he has produced a diverse range of products spanning furniture, lighting, and home accessories, including the imaginative "Sending Animals" series. Marcantonio's designs captivate with their blend of fantasy, humor, and artistic expression, inviting viewers to explore the boundaries of functionality and fantasy.

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