Indoor Lighting Wall Lamps Serax Eclipse Wall Lamp - Ann Demeulemeester

Serax Eclipse Wall Lamp - Ann Demeulemeester

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Serax Eclipse Wall Lamp
Serax Eclipse Wall Lamp
Serax Eclipse Wall Lamp
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There is no other unique and better way to illuminate your home or office space than using the Serax Eclipse Wall Lamp. The tension between light and shadow is even greater when the light source is out of sight. The indirect Eclipse lamp translates the mysterious character of a solar eclipse into an accessible ambient lighting with porcelain circles.

If you want to transform and change the look of your home or office space, then give the Serax Eclipse Wall Lamp a try. The fabulous Eclipse Wall Lamp by Serax provides your home with a unique atmosphere. The attractive and eye-catching Eclipse Serax Wall Lamp is a real piece of art that will make your home paradise on earth.

Ease of use and elegance characterize the Serax Eclipse Wall Lamp. Without kidding, this big, stylish wall lamp makes a statement piece in any room it is used. It uses its quality materials, gem-like properties, and unique features to capture the beauty of the universe.

As a matter of fact, when the light source of the Serax Wall Lamp falls out of view, the tension between light and shadow becomes greater. With porcelain circles, the indirect Eclipse Wall Lamp by Serax translates the inexplicable character of a solar eclipse to an easily reached ambient, while the wall lamp also gives you an attractive different light.

Wall Serax Eclipse Lamp not only lights up any space, but also produces beautiful shades. The Serax Eclipse Wall Lamp generates graphic masterpieces of ellipses and circles when the light is on. You can customize both the position of the small discs and the inclination of the large circle of Eclipse Wall Lamp by Serax, thereby making you a designer.

Brands > Serax
Designed by
Ann Demeulemeester
Made in
1 variant possible
Product Information
Serax Eclipse Wall Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    L: 30 x W: 14 x H: 30 cm
  2. Material

    Steel - Porcelain
  3. Weight

    2.1 Kg
  4. Cable length

  5. Max watt

  6. Appliance classes

    Class I
  7. Designer

    Ann Demeulemeester
  8. Voltage


Serax Eclipse Wall Lamp - Ann Demeulemeester