Indoor Lighting Wall Lamps Serge Mouille “Spider” 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp

Editions Serge MouilleSerge Mouille “Spider” 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp

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Serge Mouille “Spider” 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp
Serge Mouille 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp
Serge Mouille 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp
Serge Mouille “Spider” 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp


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The Serge Mouille Spider 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp has a unique and bold design suitable for the tastes of modern-day customers. Its three arms can provide light to all corners of the room and create a tranquil atmosphere in your homes.

We always deliver the best and unique products that stand out to every other producer out there. The Serge Mouille "Spider" 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp is perfect for large rooms that need lighting to every corner. Its magnificent design is what makes it the bold and unique lamp for your interior design. Designed back in 1955, it still packs a punch with its durability and flexibility.

It is available in two stunning colors, both of which will make any place shine to its core with one push of a switch. It is lightweight since the base is of steel, the reflectors made of aluminum, and the swivel of brass. They in a way that they can be rotated well as inclined to angles. It has dimensions 135 x 120 x 165 cm and comes with three 60W Halogen bulbs. It can be placed in restaurants to give the place a unique and classy vibe, in libraries so that light reaches every reader, or just in big living rooms to give your home that the last piece of perfection it needs.

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Bulb included
Designed by
Serge Mouille
Made in
2 variants possible
Product Information
Serge Mouille “Spider” 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    135 x 120 x 165 cm
  2. Material

    Body : Steel, Reflector : Aluminium, Swivel : Brass
  3. Weight

    2.40 kg
  4. Bulb included

  5. Socket type lamp

  6. Max watt

  7. Designer

    Serge Mouille
  8. Technical information

    Rotation possible up to 270 ° and inclination of reflectors up to 55 °.

Serge Mouille “Spider” 3 Still Arms Sconce Lamp