Indoor Lighting Table Lamps Tala Knuckle Table Lamp

Tala Knuckle Table Lamp

Tala Knuckle Table Lamp
Tala Knuckle Table Lamp
Tala Knuckle Table Lamp
Tala Knuckle Table Lamp
Tala Knuckle Table Lamp
Tala Knuckle Table Lamp
Tala Knuckle Table Lamp
Tala Knuckle Table Lamp Walnut
Tala Knuckle Table Lamp Oak
Tala Knuckle Table Lamp



Short specifications

  • Dimensions

    85 mm x 135 mm

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Tala’s Knuckle Table Lamp consists of a stylish cylindrical form displaying the incredible characteristics of the sculpted wood. It is available in Walnut or in Oak. The foundation of the lamp is made up of a slab of solid brass which functions as the dimming control. The lamp is complete with a black silicon ant-kink cord which flows elegantly from the light to the socket. All details of the lamp work towards a harmonious goal, even down to the curve of the edge near the bulb fixture.

The Knuckle Table lamp is made to fit with several different bulb designs and is known for its stylish form based on the tactile and contemporary attitude towards dimming. Although the lamp is not provided with a bulb, the specifications of the required one is as follows: 220-240 Volts, Max Wattage 60w, Luminaire Class II. The lamp dimensions are as follows: length 85mm, and width 135mm. Furthermo
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Bulb not Included
Made in
2 variants possible
Product Information
Tala Knuckle Table Lamp
  1. Dimensions

    85 mm x 135 mm
  2. Cable Length

  3. Bulb included

  4. Socket Type Bulb

  5. Dimmable

  6. Max Watt

  7. Appliance Classes

    Class II
  8. Remarks

    Wood: Walnut, Oak
  9. Voltage

    220-240 Volts
  10. Technical Information

    3-Step Dimming

Tala Knuckle Table Lamp