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Tom Rossau TR10 Pendant

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Tom Rossau TR10 Pendant
Tom Rossau TR10 Pendant
Tom Rossau TR10 Pendant
Tom Rossau TR10 Pendant
Tom Rossau TR10 Pendant




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Echoing the traditions of Nordic design, the TR10 Pendant is a graceful lamp with a unique character. The harmonious curves of the slats closely gathered in the middle create a sexy, hourglass silhouette. Luminescence screams from the pendant’s circular ends, culminating to a whisper at the cinched middle. Adding to its dramatic warmth is the birch exterior.

The TR10 is also available in a white plastic variant. TR represents the initials of designer Tom Rossau, the person behind these magnificent structural lamps.

The TR10 Pendant is crafted with appreciation for the natural characteristics of the birch wood or polypropylene. It creates an intimate atmosphere and befits lounges, bar areas, and any contemporary space that needs a lighting statement.

About the designer

Tom Rossau's line of lamps are best described by three words: simple, inventive, and naive. For him, it's about turning the simplest materials into gorgeous, aesthetic products. He loves to experiment, run around confused, play with ideas, and learn from them. He allows himself to be a little naive, and by doing so becomes capable of believing in things that don't conform to others' views. This is what Tom Rossau does best – not giving up on ideas until they are fully decrypted.

Everything takes place in a 700-square meter area in the heart of Copenhagen. The place itself paints a vivid picture of Rossau's vision. With a true passion for lighting, Tom Rossau thinks he'll never be finished creating lamps.

The TR10 Pendant comes in two finishes: natural birch and white polypropylene plastic.

It is available in two sizes:

  • Small: 40 x 100 cm

  • Large: 43 x 133 cm

Included in the set is a 3-meter white fabric cable. The bulb type is E27 max 60W.

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Bulb not Included
Designed by
Tom Rossau
Made in
3 variants possible
Product Information
Tom Rossau TR10 Pendant
  1. Dimensions

    Medium: Ø 40cm x H: 100cm, Large: Ø 43cm x H: 133cm
  2. Material

    Birch - Plastic
  3. Bulb included

  4. Socket type lamp

  5. Max watt

  6. Designer

    Tom Rossau

Tom Rossau TR10 Pendant

Natural, Medium