Outlet &tradition &tradtion Flowerpot VP1 Pendant - Second Chance

&tradition &tradtion Flowerpot VP1 Pendant - Second Chance

&tradtion Flowerpot VP1 Pendant - Second Chance
&tradtion Flowerpot VP1 Pendant - Second Chance
&tradtion Flowerpot VP1 Pendant - Second Chance
&tradtion Flowerpot VP1 Pendant - Second Chance

This is a second chance of &Tradition Flowerpot VP1 Pendant

Variant info:

Color: Yellow mustard


  • Returned product in opened original packaging
  • Complete with undamaged accessories/parts


The fabric around the suspension cable is worn-out. This defect is due to manufacturing issues.

Short specifications

  • Dimensions

    Ø: 23cm X H: 16cm

  • Material

    Lacquered metal

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The Flowerpot VP1 pendant lamp looks very minimalist due to the sleek, opposite, half-spheres. As a result, the light does not shine directly downwards, but is reflected on the inside, illuminating the room in a pleasant and ambient way.

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Bulb not Included
Designed by
Verner Panton
Made in
1 variant possible
Product Information
&tradtion Flowerpot VP1 Pendant - Second Chance
  1. Designer

  2. Material

    Lacquered metal
  3. Dimensions

    Ø: 23cm X H: 16cm
  4. Weight

    0.95 kg
  5. Cable Length

  6. Cable Color

    same as color lampshades
  7. Bulb included

  8. Socket Type Bulb

  9. Voltage

    220-240V – 50HZ
  10. Max Watt

    Max 40 Watt / 7 Watt CFL
  11. Remarks

    Production: The two shades are made from deep drawn metal.
  12. Family

  13. Brand - Product Type


Meet the designers

Verner Panton was a ground-breaking Danish designer known for his innovative approach to design and his bold use of color and form. Active from the mid-20th century, Panton revolutionized the design industry with his unique style and imaginative creations. His body of work, most notably in furniture and lighting design, was characterized by its futuristic appeal, featuring organic shapes and vibrant colors. Among his notable lighting designs, the Panton VP Globe Pendant stands out with its captivating spherical design encapsulating reflective luminous orbs. Panton's most famous creation, the S-shaped Panton Chair, was the first chair to be made from a single piece of plastic. His audacious designs and pioneering use of materials have secured his legacy as one of the most influential designers of the 20th century.

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&tradtion Flowerpot VP1 Pendant - Second Chance