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Bathroom wall light

Light comes into your bathroom from all sides... the use of bathroom wall lights is a unique idea that you can use to distinguish your lighting and bathroom fittings from the rest. These wall lights can vary depending on the style, size and different light intensities desired.

The wall lighting does not have to be just an afterthought in the overall development of your interior, it can also be a focal point for the entire interior. For your bathroom wall lighting, ranging from dull to extraordinary, there are different designs, consisting of materials from colourful art glass to glittering crystal. These different types of material not only give the lamp a base that makes it unique, it also has a very distinctive effect on the light itself.

Bathroom lighting, especially when turned on, is a very important and influential attribute to develop and take the time to perfect and combine with your style. From creative placement to design of the wall lamp itself, these various attributes of bathroom lighting can make or break the complete look of your bathroom.

A bathroom wall light is available with dimming options to bring atmosphere depending on the time of day or occasion. Whether it's an early morning when your stomach can't tolerate strong light, or creating a nice atmosphere for a relaxing bubble bath, your bathroom wall lights will take care of your bathroom experience.

Wall lights can not only be used to complete a look or style, they can also be very functional in terms of illuminating your toilet and relaxation areas, according to your wishes.

Choosing a bathroom wall light made easy

When it comes to good lighting, one of the most important rooms in the house is the bathroom. It is often the first place people wake up in the morning after getting out of bed, and it can set the mood for the day. Light, especially daylight, determines our circadian rhythm, which plays an important role in general health. Most people often overlook the importance of bathroom lighting, preferring to focus on other, more public spaces such as the living room, hallway and kitchen.

But given the amount of time we spend in our bathrooms, choosing the right bathroom lighting is well worth the time. Are you looking for unique bathroom lighting? Then you can choose from a wide range of bathroom wall lights at LampTwist. The bathroom wall lamp is easy to mount on the wall and available at LampTwist in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from a wall lamp that shines both up and down.

Draw up a lighting plan together with an expert

To make sure that you do not regret any of your bathroom lighting choices later on, it is advisable to have a lighting plan drawn up for your bathroom wall light, among other things. After a discussion about your wishes, our specialists can often quickly make out what your wishes are and what is possible. A lighting plan can, for instance, indicate that you can have a bathroom wall light with a switch installed. The lighting plan also states where the lighting can best be placed and what kind of lighting this is.

Different zones in the bathroom

The bathroom can be divided into different zones. This can also be useful for the IP ratings of the lighting. If you want to hang lighting above the shower head, then the lighting should have an IP value that is completely waterproof. If you want to hang lighting further away from the shower head, you can use lighting with a different value, because that lighting will be less affected by moisture problems. If you want to be sure that all lighting will continue to work and be safe, it is advisable to use only moisture-proof bathroom wall lights.

Adding different layers of light in the bathroom

Adding layers of light in the bathroom can help to complement the bathroom lighting in a stylish way. At the same time, it can help to distribute the light more evenly. The second layer is suitable for carrying out everyday activities such as applying make-up, brushing your teeth and shaving. The third light layer focuses on accent lighting. A selection of alternating pendant lamps and bathroom wall lights are popular trends that can be used in any bathroom. Make your morning ritual a real experience by choosing a bathroom wall lamp.

A sleek bathroom with recessed spotlights

Would you rather not hang loose lighting in the bathroom? Then you can also choose to build in spotlights, which can be used as a bathroom ceiling light, but also as a bathroom wall light with a switch. This gives a very sleek look and looks luxurious. Mounting this lighting does require some more work, because the wiring is fully integrated into the ceiling. But also this light form in the bathroom is more than worth it.